Biometrics Remit POS fraud and default risk while enhancing the productivity and improving customer service... LEARN MORE
Payments Process all kinds of payment types - cash, card , QR-code and even mobile payments in the way of Efficient, Secure transaction... LEARN MORE
Retail Simplify the order processing, and optimize the retail and customer management system... LEARN MORE
KFC Apply “Smile to Pay” Face Recognitio... 2018/8/16 When you visit Hangzhou, China and go to a KFC restaurant, you will find not many people queuing a...
China And Africa Cooperate To Develop Fa... 2018/8/13   Two months ago, a Chinese technology and Zimbabwe government signed a strategic cooperat...
Telpo : Launched Five New Retail POS Ter... 2018/8/11 New product launch site On August 9th, 2018, 5 new products of Telpo collectively unveiled,...
What's The Difference Between A Capaciti... 2018/8/10 Many retailers now use smart cash registers, usually with touch-screen ones. The advantage is conv...
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