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Cashless payment, particularly mobile payment, is more and more indispensable in our daily life. How to deploy an intelligent security, efficient payment infrastructure? How to attract customers, provide perfect payment experience? Telpo provides our answer. 
Telpo payment pos solutions in telpo

Our Key Figure

telpo payment solution
Magstripe, chip card, barcode or
NFC(Phone payments), even fingerprint, iris
-- all meet to customers needs
Telpo pos pass the EMV, PCI,
Unionpay, Visa, Master certificate.
Identify bank cards, Barcode,
NFC in seconds, so easy
and covenient to pay.


telpo key payment figures

How it work

IC card and Magstrip card is quiet common payment way in our life.Sometimes, the membership card can be used top-up payment, Telpo POS machine also be customized POS solutions.

Process of financial payment in card:
(1) The agent swips the bank card on the Telpo POS;
(2) Customer input his/her signature or passwords;
(3) Telpo pos terminals print the receipt automatically;
(4) Customer receive the receipt and take the goods back home.

Except for ic card payment, Payment through touch the contactless card, scan Qr-code, mobile phone NFC function. It greatly improves payment experience.

Feature Requirements

Barcode Scanner
NFC Reader
Printer telpo payment solutions IC / Smart Card Reader

Certificate Requirements



Mobile Payment Card Payment

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