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The term biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human physiological or behavioral characteristics for authentication or identification purposes. Some of the most widely used characteristics or biometric factors are fingerprints, irises, voice patterns and the spatial geometry of the face.

Biometrics, when properly implemented, not only increases security but often is easier to use and less costly to administer than the less secure alternatives. Unlike a password, you cant forget biometrics. You can lose your key or even leave it at home, but you cant lose your finger. Lets find out all of the advantages of our state-of-the-art biometric solutions.

Our Key Figures

Reliable Civil
Strong Security Quick Response


How it work
( Fingerprint identification)

Process of Biometrics :
(1) The Telpo pos setup the fingerprint App;
(2) Open the App;
(3) Press a finger on ther fingerprint reader;
(4) Verify the database server /platform;
(5) Feedback to validate ID information.

Feature Requirements

Fingerprint Reader


Justice/Law Enforcement
Physical Access Control

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