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Law Enforcement requires real-time information for better situational awareness and more informed decisions in the field and at the command center.  Mission critical intelligence gives law enforcement the power to access information, streamvideo and collaborate in real time.  
Law enforcement staff working in the field need to write the report to the policesystem about individuals, insurance information, and the incident.  Officers capture their signature and photos which can be incorporated into the citation and subsequent incident report saving the officer valuable time.

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How It Work
(Citizen Identification)

In the mobile enforcement, need through biological certification, confirm citizen information.

Process of Voting :
(1) Press a finger on ther fingerprint reader;
(2) Verify the database server /platform;
(3) Feedback to validate ID information;

In addition, also need to take pictures, audio, etc.

Process of Voting :
(1) Take photos and audio;
(2) make the reports to officers;
(3) backup the evidence in database;

Feature Requirement

Fingerprint Reader

Digital Audio


Mobile Law Enforcement
Guard Patrol Service

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