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Telpo TPS900 pubished in the "NILSON REPORT" In the latest Nielsen report, Telpo financial POS TPS900 was introduced. This is the first smart Android POS system in China with Android 5.1 os, which is published in the international reporting magazine. This is the first time since the TPS900 was released that it was recognized by international organizations. This has greatly encouraged the morale of Telpo. Let’s discover the features of the TPS900: TPS900,alatestEFTPOSofTelepowerCommunication(Telpo), uses a Qualcom quad-core processor and the Android 5.1 operating system. The handheld TPS900 supports 4G, Wi-Fi, and bluetooth connectivity. The device’s high-definition screen (720 x 1280 pixels) measures 5.5 inches on the diagonal. The TPS900 handles EMV-compliant NFC as well as QR code-based mobile payments. It is PCI 4.x certified and is also certified with the Peoples Bank of China. The TPS900 is equipped with a built-in fingerprint scanner. Telpo provides this and other devices to government agencies and telecom companies including Vodafone, MTN, Airtel, and China Mobile. Telecom operators use the fingerprint scanner to help identity customers who make payments such as prepaid airtime, as well as to issue SIM cards. At the same time, Telpo provides the whole solution including MDM (Mobile Device Management), to offer customers value-added management service. In 2016, Telpo shipped 139,098 handheld and countertop POS terminals to customers in all world regions, led by Middle East / Africa. Telpo POS devices are available on an OEM and ODM basis. 2017-11-18
New intelligent POS TPS900 spectacular launched In November 9th, 2017, after a long timepreparation, Telpo’sTPS900 launch was successfully held in Nanhai Hantian Technology Town. Intelligent finance 3.0 era, Telpo TPS900 comes into being! Let's take a look at the wonderful scene of launch! "We’re very optimistic about this TPS900Android intelligent finance POS terminal, which integrates technology and design elements in one set. The intelligent finance 3.0 era, TPS900 market prospects is very broad. The resources and time we put into is unparalleled. Because of having domestic and international certifications, it can be widely used worldwide. After more than a year precipitation of research and development and design and with its good product experience, it sold tens of thousands of units,which gained well praise from customers. And our pursuit of quality is from the market feedback and we are very confident that TPS900 will become the main force of financial payment market in future." ——The Telpo President Mr. He remarked . TPS900 highlights the streamline, in its design concept, it embodies the elements of the information stream, the humanized experience is not only like flowing water visually, but also it has comfortable grip on the backside. TPS900 supports all frequency bands and can be used globally and can be mobile charging anytime. It is not a simple POS, it is more powerful than you think. The general manager of international business department, Sunny said that: “Telpo is a leading enterprise for Android financial POS terminals in domestic, our team has the independent R&Dability and can satisfy the customized requirements flexibly. What’s more, we provide 24 hours professional after-sales service support, and provide customers with the industry's leading MDM intelligent mobile device management. High performance and high quality products has been our tireless pursuit.” TPS900, the precipitation of quality and time. We look forward to meeting you! Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-11-18
SIMCom Presented Telpo TPS900 and Other Products to MWCA2107 On September 14, the three-day GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas came to an end in San Francisco. The conference attracted nearly 30,000 professional visitors to discuss the latest development of 5G network and Internet of Things industry. As one of the sponsors of this conference, SIMCom was also invited to attend the conference. General Manager of SIMCom Mr. Wang Zhongxiang, Deputy General Manager Luo Xiaoyan, Sales Director Li Bin, Software Director Zhu Sihua, Business Development Director Alex Gajano attended the meeting. SIMCom’s 2G / 3G / LTE wireless module and typical four-in-one NB-IoT / eMTC / GPRS / GNSS multimode module of the SIM7000 series were presented to the conference. The SIM7000 Series combine with high performance, safety and flexibilityto provide ideal solutions for IoT and M2M vertical applications which require long battery life, low cost and mobility, such as Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Energy, Oil and Natural Gas, Asset Tracking, Motorcade, BHPH, Wireless POS, Electronic Health, PERS, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Security, Parking Billing and Sharing Bicycles and other fields. As one of SIMCom’s long-term high-quality partners, Telpo also attended the conference. TPS900 Android EFT POS Machine EFT POS TPS900 is designed on the basic of SIM8909 module, with a printing scan, using a quad core processor configuration, shape in line with ergonomic design, convenient hand-held operation, combines the functions of traditional hand-haled machine and intelligent business PDA. It can be used in hand-held inspection, coupon exchange, amusement park coupon exchange, parking fees, security, mobile law enforcement, catering, ordering, retail and other industries. TPS520 Android Visitor Management System Machine Intelligent visitor management system machine TPS520 is designed on the basic of SIM7600CEand SIM5360E module, built-in ID module, quickly identifying the authenticity of identity, identity card information reading; with the configuration of 58mm thermal printer, printing the registration visit ticket, conduct visitor verification,TPS520 with professional 2D bar code reader. At present, Telpo’s intelligent visitor registration device has been widely used in schools, residential areas, enterprises and institutions, hotels and other places. After fifteen years, SIMCom wireless technology will be consistent in providing "smart devices, smart decisions" for the global M2M industry from beginning to the end, continuous innovation, perfect service, with the determination to become the most solid and reliable partners for the majority of Internet users worldwide. Guangdong Telpo as SIMCom’s quality partner with professional technology will also always provide customers around the world with intelligent hardware products and intelligent hardware customization etc. Keywords:Telpo customize, custom pos, odm pos supplier, intelligent point of sales, customization + intelligent hardware, intelligent cash register, mobile cash register, POS machines, mobile POS machines, POS machines, Android desktop POS terminal, QR code terminal, barcode terminal, Telpo pos machine, biometric device, visitors registration identification, visitor management machine, MWCA2017, MWCA2017 San Franciso, Mobile World Congress, SIMCom, EFT POS machine, Telpo 2017-9-24
Telpo TMS: A Online POS Sale Management system In March 2017 Telpo released the MDM platform.It would greatly changethe retail, catering, visitor registration, and other fields, toalleviate the problem of inventory management, to improve decision-making efficiency. It is really a positive and happy thing. What is the Telpo MDM? MDMis the abbreviation of Mobile DevicesManagement system. Before no MDM platform, for all sold equipment, it is a very very troublesome thing to upgrade the pos system software! On the one hand, our customer's technical ability is limited. So, that will be a very difficult to upgrade the system by themselves.On the other hand, due to the time difference, customers cannot update the software atthe first time . Telpo does know the seriousness of this problem, so we decided to development the MDM system.And we make it. From then on, if Telpo upgrade the APKs or OS , MDM can auto push all upgrade packages to our customers's devices. Customer can finishdownload the tools effciently. We believe that the MDM platform will enhance Telpo brand influence and let customer have more confidence on our Telpo brand. At the same time, it also will greatly reduce the work on our after-sales engineers. That 's a really WIN-WIN thing we do!! Keywords: MDM, Mobile device management system,retail pos system, mobile device management, MDM platform, pos sals system, best pos system, pos system software, pos inventory system, pos register system, apks upgrade, russian pos system, malaysia pos system,Singapore POS system, fiscal pos system.sunmi pos system,square pos system MORE: MWCS2017: Telpo POS machines was attrative in Mobile Financial ECR for Mobile Payment in Shops, Windows or Android? Does shipment drop affect ECR performance? Let TPS650 tell you 2017-8-9
MWCS2017: Telpo POS machines was attrative in Mobile Financial June 28th, the annual Asia Mobile World Congress (MWCS) 2017•Shanghai was successfully held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The theme of the congress is “The Human Element”. It comprehensively shows the “black technology”, products and cool applications in the mobile communication industry. As one of the leading mobile POS terminals enterprises in China POS industry and the significant innovator for Smart POS devices, Telpo took part in MWCS17, the whole three-day grand event. During the congress, the representative of the People's Bank of China expounded that finance service industry should further open up to outside, and only the pressure and force from competition mechanism can bring out the progress and prosperity to finance industry. This point has created a heated discussion in the participants. It is doubtless that Technology Finance can do a huge favor for the future development of Internet Finance, with the evidences from those practical applications of integrating science and technology to finance industry, like Big Data Credit Reporting and Risk Management, Biometric Identification technology in payment, anti-fraud application, as well as real-time update, reconciliation, and synchronization of data in block chain control transfertax control systemtax control services Meanwhile, every industry should realize the innovation in an opening-up environment, and based on this, to achieve integrated development of enterprises. Taking this opportunity, Telpo introduced TPS900 to the public. TPS900, a Smart touch screen financial POS, with its powerful functions and modern fashionable outlook, drew lots of customers’ attention and inquiry. Telpo TPS900 is EMV & PCI certified, which meet the world security standard. And it benefits for those who need to do payment, such as in restaurant, supermarket, retail shops, bank, clubs or anywhere else. It can realize the e-ticket verificationquickly, and it does not cause long waiting time and crowd stranded situation. As the leading manufacturer of POS machines, Telpo is specialize in mobile POS machines, cash register machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines, etc. And Telpo can provide payment, election and other POS customization and solutions. “The Human Element” —In future, Telpo will keep the leading technology and focus on innovation, to become an excellent Chinese brand in communication and mobile internet industry. Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-7-2
Telpo: Open a new world for the Belt and Road with innovations The Belt and Road of our country has great significance and profound influence around the world. The Chinese dream is made up of thousands of city dreams, family dreams and personal dreams. The Belt and Road brings opportunities to each city, each region and its people.fiscal management and controlfiscal managementfiscal electronic cash register Through the Belt and Road, countries establish close cooperation between the virtuous circle, and ultimately promote the sustainable development of urban countries. The Belt and Road is essentially an international area economy, Trough communications and contacts, the regional innovation will be triggered in the near future. Telpo will increase the intensity of innovation, constantly develop more high quality affordable POS machine.fiscal devicesfiscal devicefiscal deficit india Since 1999,Telpo has provided personalized customization services to more than 1,000 customers, committed to catering and retail, financial payment, identificationand other industries, customized for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware industry solutions. As our latest Pos Cash register TPS650 with superior performance, fashion and elegant design, has repeatedly won the industry design award. At present, the POS machines is not saturated in the less developed countries, especially in the line of “the Belt and Road”, some of the less developed countries, the industrial development is not perfect. They need to be developed and eager to enjoy more convenient payment, biometrics, voting, electronic instruments, etc. Telpo is able to bring the technology and product solutions to these places and help them solve the problem. Underthe Belt and Roadinternational situation, Telpo will cooperate with more preeminent international partners, making our effort together to create a sound and healthy international development environment, so as to push the development of global POS technology. We pride ourselves on high product quality combined with excellent customer service to offer reliable and innovative solutions for all applications. We constantly develop and add products to our range, thus improving the offering of adhesive products to suit all customer requirements. If you require any further information or have a bespoke product or application you would like to discuss, please contact our expert team on +86-757-86227898 or Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-6-18
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