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Telpo TMS: A Online POS Sale Management system In March 2017 Telpo released the TMS platform.It would greatly changethe retail, catering, visitor registration, and other fields, toalleviate the problem of inventory management, to improve decision-making efficiency. It is really a positive and happy thing. What is the Telpo TMS? TMS is the abbreviation of Telpo management system. Before no TMS platform, for all sold equipment, it is a very very troublesome thing to upgrade the pos system software! On the one hand, our customer's technical ability is limited. So, that will be a very difficult to upgrade the system by themselves.On the other hand, due to the time difference, customers cannot update the software atthe first time . Telpo does know the seriousness of this problem, so we decided to development the TMS system.And we make it. From then on, if Telpo upgrade the APKs or OS , TMS can auto push all upgrade packages to our customers's devices. Customer can finishdownload the tools effciently. We believe that the TMS platform will enhance Telpo brand influence and let customer have more confidence on our Telpo brand.At the same time, it also will greatly reduce the work on our after-sales engineers. That 's a really WIN-WIN thing we do!! Keywords: TMS, Telpo management system,retail pos system, TMS platform, pos sals system, best pos system, pos system software, pos inventory system, pos register system, apks upgrade, russian pos system, malaysia pos system,Singapore POS system,fiscal pos system.sunmi pos system,square pos system MORE: MWCS2017: Telpo POS machines was attrative in Mobile Financial ECR for Mobile Payment in Shops, Windows or Android? Does shipment drop affect ECR performance? Let TPS650 tell you 2017-8-9
MWCS2017: Telpo POS machines was attrative in Mobile Financial June 28th, the annual Asia Mobile World Congress (MWCS) 2017•Shanghai was successfully held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The theme of the congress is “The Human Element”. It comprehensively shows the “black technology”, products and cool applications in the mobile communication industry. As one of the leading mobile POS terminals enterprises in China POS industry and the significant innovator for Smart POS devices, Telpo took part in MWCS17, the whole three-day grand event. During the congress, the representative of the People's Bank of China expounded that finance service industry should further open up to outside, and only the pressure and force from competition mechanism can bring out the progress and prosperity to finance industry. This point has created a heated discussion in the participants. It is doubtless that Technology Finance can do a huge favor for the future development of Internet Finance, with the evidences from those practical applications of integrating science and technology to finance industry, like Big Data Credit Reporting and Risk Management, Biometric Identification technology in payment, anti-fraud application, as well as real-time update, reconciliation, and synchronization of data in block chain control transfertax control systemtax control services Meanwhile, every industry should realize the innovation in an opening-up environment, and based on this, to achieve integrated development of enterprises. Taking this opportunity, Telpo introduced TPS900 to the public. TPS900, a Smart touch screen financial POS, with its powerful functions and modern fashionable outlook, drew lots of customers’ attention and inquiry. Telpo TPS900 is EMV & PCI certified, which meet the world security standard. And it benefits for those who need to do payment, such as in restaurant, supermarket, retail shops, bank, clubs or anywhere else. It can realize the e-ticket verificationquickly, and it does not cause long waiting time and crowd stranded situation. As the leading manufacturer of POS machines, Telpo is specialize in mobile POS machines, cash register machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines, etc. And Telpo can provide payment, election and other POS customization and solutions. “The Human Element” —In future, Telpo will keep the leading technology and focus on innovation, to become an excellent Chinese brand in communication and mobile internet industry. Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-7-2
Telpo: Open a new world for the Belt and Road with innovations The Belt and Road of our country has great significance and profound influence around the world. The Chinese dream is made up of thousands of city dreams, family dreams and personal dreams. The Belt and Road brings opportunities to each city, each region and its people.fiscal management and controlfiscal managementfiscal electronic cash register Through the Belt and Road, countries establish close cooperation between the virtuous circle, and ultimately promote the sustainable development of urban countries. The Belt and Road is essentially an international area economy, Trough communications and contacts, the regional innovation will be triggered in the near future. Telpo will increase the intensity of innovation, constantly develop more high quality affordable POS machine.fiscal devicesfiscal devicefiscal deficit india Since 1999,Telpo has provided personalized customization services to more than 1,000 customers, committed to catering and retail, financial payment, identificationand other industries, customized for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware industry solutions. As our latest Pos Cash register TPS650 with superior performance, fashion and elegant design, has repeatedly won the industry design award. At present, the POS machines is not saturated in the less developed countries, especially in the line of “the Belt and Road”, some of the less developed countries, the industrial development is not perfect. They need to be developed and eager to enjoy more convenient payment, biometrics, voting, electronic instruments, etc. Telpo is able to bring the technology and product solutions to these places and help them solve the problem. Underthe Belt and Roadinternational situation, Telpo will cooperate with more preeminent international partners, making our effort together to create a sound and healthy international development environment, so as to push the development of global POS technology. We pride ourselves on high product quality combined with excellent customer service to offer reliable and innovative solutions for all applications. We constantly develop and add products to our range, thus improving the offering of adhesive products to suit all customer requirements. If you require any further information or have a bespoke product or application you would like to discuss, please contact our expert team on +86-757-86227898 or Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-6-18
Telpo: 2016 POS Industry Top10 Chinese Brands The evaluation result of 2016 China's POS industry Top 10 Influential Brands finally came out.electronic fiscal devices The Sixth International POS Exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou Pazhou InternationalExhibitionCenter on May 25th, 2017. Telpo was awarded as one of the Top 10 Influential Brands in Chinese POS Industry again. Our brand won a large amount of support within the industry, due to our high-quality smart POS products and services. As an important communication and promotion platform in Chinese POS industry, the Chinese International POS Exhibition has been the POS industry weather vane and has got increasingly recognition from overseas buyers. Each session of the exhibition constantly attracts more customers to come and visit especially. credit fiscal system Under the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, Telpo would like to cooperate with more preeminent international partners, making our effort together to create a sound and healthy international development environment, so as to push the development of global POS industry. Telpo will keep its commitment to innovation, R&D and promotion of smart POS and cash registers technology and products, based on our company core value “To achieve self-value through selflessness”. There is no end to learning. Only by constantlyupgradingour servicelevel and making our advantages of smart hardware customization capability, we Telpo can provide more excellent service to global customers, to make a contribution to the POS industry development with our partners. Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-5-28
Telpo's Second PPT Presentation Contest To properly present Telpo and Telpo pos to customers, companies and even around the world, the attractive designed presentation, sophisticated skill and fluent introduction are all important elements. On May.16th,2017, Telpo International Business Dept. successfully held The Second PPT Presentation Contest.change of control tax losses The content of the contest included customers reception and PPTdemonstration. During the reception, every sales would give a brief introduction of our company, our products and our team, in order to understand customer’s needs, recommend the most suitable pos product and offer the best solutions.fiscal memory board Throughout the process, competitors would be tested and rated. the contents of Consideration included etiquette, dress, interaction with customers, PPT content and style, the master of key points and time and so on. Meanwhile, in order to test their reaction capacity, some scenes were set, such as customer suddenly interrupted your presentation and asked questions. It was both tense and excited.fiscal memory card During this competition, our sales not only learned a lot from each other in how to show ourselves and communicate with clients, but they could self-examine their shortcomings and make progress. After fierce competition, the champion, the runner-up and the third winner come out. ЧемпионJackro The Runner-up Charlie The Third Winner Cici Our ultimate purpose was not just to elect a winner, but hope that every sales can know more about themselves, about our customers and about our products through this contest, so as to learn how to better promote our products and show our corporate charm, blooming our Telpo’s style. This contest is meaningful. We will make it a tradition and keep it. Look forward to seeing you in the show to know more about Telpo. Please attention to the coming exhibition information.Thanks you! 2017-5-20
Chinese Brand Telpo pragmatic innovation On May 2nd, 2017,China State Council has approved that"Chinese Brands Day"would be held on May 10th, and China's first Chinese Brands Day would be branded in 2017.This marks Chinese brands economy has set sail, and also means thatMade-in-China and Chinese creation is recognized and protected, Chinese brands will be a new name card of China. fiscal memory cash registerfiscal memory modulefiscal memory signature devices May 10th marks China's first Chinese Brands Day,but also the brand day of Chinese brand Telpo. Telpoaims to pragmatic and innovative " go out, andalways be committed to building a chinese great brand, a really chinese great brand.fiscal memory systems Telpois a leading POS provider which covers the fields of research & design, manufacture, marketing and after-sale service of advanced telecommunications devices, including financial/smart POS Terminals, cash registers, and other pos peripherals. As a national high-tech enterprise,Telpohas achieved more than 70 national patents and almost one hundred software copyrights, and received numerous scientific and technological progress awards and honorary titles.In 2015 , Telpowas listed in New OTC Market, with stock code 833839.fiscal memory unit Telpo focus on communications and financial equipment fields more than 18 years and set up more than one hundred service offices. Telpohas provided pos OEM and ODM services to more than 1,000 customers,who are committed in catering and retail,financial payment, identificationand other industries. Telpo has customized solutions for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware. latvia fiscal memory Today, Telpohas co-operated with many famous customers, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Baidu, Wanda, Jingdong, etc. What’s more, Telpo products has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions. Telpo gradually becomes a reliable international brand with its high quality pos products and services. Telpo’s concept runs through every detail. TakeTPS650 as an example, a cash register which won the prize of “Excellent design of Chinese POS industry in 2017”. It is designed with the special appearance, just like a Chinese character”Fair”, which represent the spirit of Telpo—To achieve self-value through selflessness.It is meaning that Telpo would make contribution to the clients and be fair to the cooperating partners make win-win. With the rapid development of communication technology , and the rise of mobile internet, a large number of outstanding enterprises emerge in the good business environment. Chinese brands marching to the world means that "Made in China" is upgrading to "Chinese wisdom".In the future,Telpowill keep the leading technology, focusing on innovation to become an excellence enterprise in communication and mobile internet industry. 2017-5-11
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