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A Wonderful Review Of 2018 Shanghai International Unmanned Exhibition The three-day “2018 Shanghai International Unmanned Exhibition” came to a close on August 17. About 800 well-known enterprises from around the world gathered in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition scale of 30,000 square meters, nearly 40 BBS keynote speeches, and hundreds of well-known exhibitors from home and abroad competed together, bringing fresh and new unmanned retail technology products and solutions. Unattended retail new forms such as unattended machines, unmanned convenience stores, unmanned restaurants, unmanned gas stations, self-service laundry, and unmanned entertainment and leisure services are featured here. Among them, the unmanned shop is a highlight of this exhibition. Almost every exhibition hall has multiple booths and unmanned retail stores. The exhibitors have tried their best to attract visitors to stop. The smart devices had attracted the attention of many exhibitors, for example the vending robots. These robots take a parade and stop moving when they sense the customer. After people complete the purchase and payment through the screen on the top of the robot, the robot's warehouse will open, so that they can take the goods. This kind of robot is expected to be used as a smart store clerk or courier in different food and beverage retail fields. As one of the organizers of the conference, WeChat, this time brought scenes such as unmanned retail, scan code purchase, and electronic price tag. A variety of new retail smart hardware has also become an offline traffic portal, helping stores to digitize store scenes and user behavior data. At the show, WeChat also exhibited their unmanned shop booths: shopping and cashiers in unmanned stores can be completed by consumers themselves. After the customer has determined the category, quantity and price of the product, he only needs to brush his face to complete the payment. Self-Service Payment Terminal with Wechat Pay The intelligent vending machine of some manufacturers can also be provided for customers to scan the code and open the door of the cabinet. Only the goods can be taken out. The camera can automatically identify the type and quantity of goods, and then the face can be paid. In spite of all the companies using their special products, Telpo smart hardware still gained a lot of audience's attention at the venue. Telpo brought the lastest smart retail smart terminal in exhibition. Telpo brings the latest products including smart cash registers, smart vending machine, self-service food ordering kiosks and Face identification smart terminals. As an advanced manufacturer of smart retail equipment provider, we have been adhering to independent research and development and keeping up with the pulse of the market. We are committed to providing one-stop intelligent hardware customization solutions for customers across the industry and in various fields, especially the retail industry. Many customers went to the Telpo booth for communication and consultation. With the theme of " Refactoring--new retail terminal", the conference focuses on unmanned retail operation and solutions, and strives to build an important platform for industry resource integration with intelligent transformation of retail. Through the black technology and the rich product category display, provides the industry frontier reference. By interacting with peers and customers face to face, Telpo will continue to empower new retailers to make "no one" understand people better. Telpo:We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, restaurants, retails, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices and many other customizations for different industries. 2018/8/22
Ma Yun Announced: Pay-With-the-Face Will Take Over The Scan Code Payment! The QR code payment was not long before it was born. Alipay suddenly announced that the face payment will take over the scan code payment! Face payment is more advantageous than scan code payment. Faster: Just 1 second to complete scan of your face, the entire purchase payment process is less than 10 seconds! Simpler: you don't need to scan the QR code, you don't even need to bring your phone. Because your face is the payment ID. After you select the item and click on “the face to pay”, Alipay will automatically recognize your face, deduct from your Alipay account! More trouble-free: For those who are not familiar with the operation of mobile phones, especially those who are not convenient to take the mobile phone, it is not convenient to pay for the face! More secure: Alipay's face payment application uses the latest 3D face recognition, combined with hardware and software dual detection, can judge the real user 99.9%. This new feature of Alipay is expected to be widely used in China within a year. Nothing is immortal. When Alipay first appeared, it was the life of cash: no need to bring cash, just enter a few simple passwords, don't worry about counterfeit money, and don't need to change, so Alipay is very popular when it is launched. Soon after Alipay was used, it was an urgent need to pay for the password payment: after entering the fingerprint through biometric technology, it can be directly paid by fingerprint, no need to input the password again and again, so many people can't remember their Alipay password now. Subsequently, Alipay has been investing more in artificial intelligence and image processing technology, and has planned the life of fingerprint payment. Today, after a series of experiments and technology upgrades, Alipay's face-paying features are finally commercialized. In the coming year, you can pay for your face in various stores online! From the evolution of Alipay's function, it can be seen that there is no such thing as perfect technology in the world, and nothing is static. When you get together, sometimes, nothing is immortal. The Telpo smart face recognition payment terminal has been launched, providing a solution for retail store smart upgrades. The TPS700 smart self-ordering kiosk terminal provides a self-service and fast-paying in-store experience. The product of Telpo TPS650 cash register machine can be customized as a face recognition cash register, providing 3D face recognition and financial level face payment to prevent counterfeiting. Telpo:We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, restaurants, retails, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices and many other customizations for different industries. Related Products TPS700 Face Recognition Self-ordering Kiosk Machine TPS650 Face RecognitionCash Register 2018/8/21
China And Africa Cooperate To Develop Face Recognition Technology Two months ago, a Chinese technology and Zimbabwe government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou. The technology company is going to develop a national database for Zimbabwe and provide face recognition technology and equipment in the areas of public transportation, public safety, education, and finance. The technology company said that the current cooperation between the two parties is still in the database stage. The previous database is mostly Asian faces. It also needs to collect and train data on black face data and local lighting environment in Zimbabwe, due to the overall informationization of Zimbabwe. The construction is relatively backward. Some information, such as resident information, has not been made into electronic files by government departments. Therefore, offline collection is required in some areas, and software and hardware preparation takes time. The technology company also said that according to Zimbabwe's current informationization situation, the database is expected to be one year to one and a half years, and the specific project landing will also depend on the progress. Telpo have ranges of facial recognition terminal, for example TPS980, TPS700 which could help your business from this technique! There are more and more implementations of facial recognition technology in different industries. Telpo face recognition terminal can fulfill more functions according to client’s practical use. Telpo:We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. Related Products TPS980 8" Android Facial Recognition Machine TPS950 5.5" Facial Recognition Terminal TPS700 Self-ordering Kiosk Machine 2018/8/13
Half of the People In this War-torn Region of Africa Are Using Mobile Payments. UN calls for backward countries to develop mobile payments The rise of electronic payment platforms has not only changed China's capital circulation ecology, but also affected the global trading methods. The integration of digital payments and a growing network of platforms is conducive to the development of the economy, especially the economic opportunities in developing relatively backward and backward cities, it enhancing financial inclusiveness, transparency and security. The World Bank Group pointed out that integrating digital payments into emerging markets and developing countries' economies is conducive to addressing broad economic growth and personal financial empowerment. The United Nations is also calling on developing countries to improve digital payment. And these ideas have already begun to pay off in some backward countries. Successful cases of mobile payment / digital payment The illiteracy rate in Somaliland in the East African region is high, and the war has caused serious economic damage, but half of its people are using mobile payment methods, which was unimaginable ten years ago. Due to currency depreciation, in Somaliland, when you want to buy a pack of candy, which may be stacked in a stack, while a medium-sized deal requires a bag to hold the money. There are no internationally recognized banks in Somaliland, no formal banking systems and ATMs, and two private companies, Zaad and e-Dahab, have filled the gap and developed a mobile banking economy through which cash is stored in mobile phones to support people buying and selling items. Now, Somaliland people only need a mobile phone to complete mobile payments in seconds. Somaliland’s piles of depreciating currencies make payment very troublesome. From the shops in Hargeisa to the dusty street stalls, as more and more people use cashless payment methods, cash is increasingly marginalized. Such codes are everywhere, rough printed on tin shacks or market stalls. In more expensive installations, the code is printed, stacked neatly on the stage or attached to the wall, just like we will put the store's WeChat Pay and Alipay collection QR code on the booth in China. EmanAnis, a 50-year-old street vendor in Hargeisa, said: "This is the income of today's business." Her mobile phone can see sales exceeding $2,000. Last year, Somaliland suffered a severe drought that affected the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands people. Mobile payment technology enables Somalis in urban areas to quickly send money to poor and hungry rural relatives. According to suppliers, the number of people using mobile payments has increased from 10% to 20% to nearly 50% compared to a year ago. With the spread of cheap mobile phones on the African continent, similar mobile currency revolutions have occurred in African countries such as Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. The Kenyan version of Zaad -- M-Pesa, is believed to be used by about half of the population. In April this year, Bangladesh’s largest mobile payment company, bKash and Ant Financial, announced a strategic partnership to allow more ordinary people to obtain more financial and public services through mobile payments, helping small traders in Bangladesh to enter the “code” simultaneously with China. In the era of “business”, access to convenient fund management and loan services. Market demand for flexible cash register terminals such as scan code boxes The use of mobile payments in more and more countries also means that the demand for scanning code collection and cashier terminals is increasing rapidly, and the global market for mobile payment smart terminals is also expanding. Compared with other countries, China's scanning code cash register technology and product form are relatively mature. Many smart cash register manufacturers will develop different QR code cash register intelligent hardware according to different application scenarios, which has become one of the hardware and software vendors in mobile payment development in many countries. For example, Telpo's TPS506 intelligent scanning code box supports main sweep and sweep, supports WeChatPay, Alipay, UnionPay QR code and other scanning codes, and supports voice broadcast function. It is suitable for ticket scanning code, automatic gate scanning code, smart cinema scanning code, canteen scan code ordering, etc. The slope structure design allows the merchant and the customer to see the screen display, real-time interaction, no longer worry about missing or wrong payment. The biggest advantage of the TPS506 smart scan code box is its own battery endurance, which is a rare feature in the scan code box on the market. With battery life, the scan code box lasts longer. It can also be plugged in outdoors, making the collection and retail of food and beverage retail more flexible. Telpo:We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. Get More Details! 2018/7/10
Mobile Payments: Supporting Europe's Move to A Cashless Society In a number of European countries, consumers have rapidly adopted contactless payments. Some banks, retailers and transportation companies have already gone completely cashless, no longer accepting cash at their branches or at the POS. In many countries, making face-to-face payments using a smartphone instead of a card is the next step in the path to a near-cashless society. MOBILE PAYMENTS VS MOBILE POS Mobile phones have become an increasingly common tool for making in-store payments, for banking and for buying online. The term “mobile payment” covers all transactions—including peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, bill payments and ordering items from an e-commerce site—made using any type of mobile phone. “Mobile POS,” on the other hand, refers to face-to-face payments made using a smartphone or tablet wherein the user pays for a product or service on the spot. Essentially, mobile payment methods are differentiated according to the mobile phone’s ability to work with different types of technologies: Short message service (SMS) payments, such as those enabled by M-Pesa in Africa, can be made using any mobile phone. Wireless application protocol (WAP) payments include those made via PayPal as well as QR code payments such as those made through the Starbucks barcode-scanning payment app. These can be made using any smartphone. Near-field communication (NFC) payments, such as those made via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, can be made only with smartphones that enable the technology. The European Central Bank (ECB) considers NFC-based mobile payments among the most promising payment methods for consumers. Suppliers are making consistent investments to update their NFC hardware and merchants are installing contactless points of interaction based on NFC technology. NFC payments are expected to increase as more consumers adopt the technology. Management consulting company Arthur D. Little estimates that global NFC-enabled smartphone penetration will increase from 23% in 2014 to 72% in 2018. OUTLOOK: MOBILE PAYMENTS WIDELY AVAILABLE IN EUROPE BY 2020 While payment cards are widely used in Europe, contactless mobile payments are not as popular—as noted earlier, only 3% of in-store payments in Europe were conducted via mobile phone in 2015. Despite the current low mobile payment penetration in Europe, payment system providers are rapidly introducing the infrastructure and secured systems needed to enable mobile payments. Visa Europe,which is the leading payments system in Europe, with a 57.5% market share in 2015, believes that all Visa POS terminals in Europe will accept contactless NFC payments by 2020. MasterCardbelieves that high-value mobile payments will be available across Europe by 2017, thanks to upgrades of contactless payment terminals. Currently, the maximum limit for contactless payments in the UK is £30 (US$46); in many other European countries, it is €25 (US$27). MasterCard also believes contactless payments will be available at all its POS terminals in Europe by 2020. Visa and MasterCard have both partnered with Apple Pay and Android Pay to develop mobile payment services using Apple and Android devices, and to introduce mobile payments in new regions. POS TERMINAL FOR CONTACTLESS (NFC) PAYMENT Telpo TPS900 For contactless (NFC) payment, the merchant must use PayWave & PayPass certified POS terminals. Telpo TPS900 passed EMV, PCI and PayWave &PayPass, supports both contact and contactless payment. Unique fashion design, Android 5.1 OS, with basic function LTE/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ camera/ MSR+SCR and optional function NFC and fingerprint reader. Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. Related Products TPS900 Android EMV PCI EFT POS TPS680 5TH Generation Cash Register 2018/7/4
The 2018 World Cup Russian Subway can use Alipay to Buy Tickets The 2018 World Cup is held in Russia from June 14th to July 15th. A large number of Chinese tourists come to watch it. After arriving abroad, taking public transportation has become a major problem. One is language barrier, and the other is exchange rate and cash use. The Alipay official announced that at present, the Russian subway has already supported Alipay to buy tickets. With a simple sweep, it is possible to make payments easily and there is no need to worry about the problem of not carrying cash. Alipay LandingRussia Subway Currently, Alipay has covered five subway stations on the Central Moscow, including Luzhnyi Base Station, Izmailovo Station, Business Center Station, Locomotive Station, and Gagarin Plaza Station. Moreover, in order to facilitate Chinese tourists, each subway station also has a special ticket reminder for buying tickets in Chinese. Users only need to scan the QR code generated by a special device and pay, and do not have to read Russian to obtain tickets easily. Shop with Alipay in Russia In addition, in order to welcome the World Cup Chinese tourists, more than 4,000 local transportation and shopping centers in Russia also support Alipay. In the Moscow Central Department Store TSUM, the National Department Store GUN, the St. Petersburg Leningrad Trade Building DTL and other shopping malls support Alipay shopping settlement This function greatly facilitates the consumption and travel of Chinese tourists in Russia. The Alipay Logo, which is widely seen in major Russian shopping malls, also allows the world to see the strong purchasing power and economic strength of Chinese tourists. WeChat Pay also comes! The WeChat Pay Payment system begins to be used in the Russian market, which is currently only available to Chinese citizens in Russia. Russia’s “Kommersant” reported on the 6th that Chinese tourists in Russia can use WeChat to pay for consumer payments with a total amount of no more than 2,500 rubles (about 200 yuan), as well as payment of transportation fees, ordering and other services. When applying for registration, you need to show your Chinese passport and a credit card registered in China. Representatives of the Central Department Store in Moscow stated that the mall plans to start using the WeChat payment system in the near future, and Russian Foreign Trade Bank and Russian Standard Bank are also studying the possibility of cooperation with WeChat payment. UnionPay payment is most common in Russia Before the World Cup in Russia in 2018, the acceptance rate of UnionPay cards accepted by local ATMs and merchant POS terminals will further increase to 90%. Host cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Volgograd will basically implement UnionPay card accessibility. Airline companies such as Aeroflot and Siberia Airlines also provide UnionPay card payment services.Payment is very convenient at the World Cup in Russia. Add a cash register system that supports "Chinese payment" In the trend, Russian people embrace the "Chinese style" payment. Of course, to fully access China's large-scale popular mobile payment methods, many countries will choose the more mature Chinese intelligent hardware manufacturers, eliminating the need for cross-docking. Telpo intelligent hardware customization products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and have abundant domestic and foreign product custom development and manufacturing experience, which can meet the needs of overseas companies. With a large number of Chinese tourists entering Russia, it is particularly necessary to use bank card spending, Alipay/WeChat and other code scan payment functions. Many Russian companies have already customized through Telpo procurement to comply with Russian tax registration regulations and comply with the Internet visa, master, and UnionPay. Smart POS support cross-border credit card function. In addition, there is also a smart cash register with a barcode payment collection function and a printable invoice. The most popular one is the TPS900 intelligent POS machine and the smart cash register TPS650. Telpo Smart POS machine TPS900 can realize cross-border credit card reader Smart Mini Cash Register TPS575 is also launched. TPS575 stays the low-cost price and reliable quality, but adds the software decoding camera and small dot-matrix LCD, which for showing customer information. Using the software decoding camera, will give you advantage of no cash payment convenience, like cell phone's QR code payment. Or you could directly use cell phone to scan the small second screen's QR code content. TPS575 is the best choice to upgrade your old-fashion terminal to new generation. Click for More details-> In this feast that belongs to fans all over the world, the Chinese team could not participate, but China’s high-quality products and advanced technology support the heroes in each arena and provide more delightful and relaxed for each audience ”A World Cup Tour." Keywords: Alipay, Wechat Pay, Russia, world cup 2018, chinese style payment, telpo, pos manufacturer, smart cash register, smart pos leader, smart pos provider 2018/6/19
Four Highlights Should Not Be Missed At the Taipei ComputeX 2018 COMPUTEX 2018, the Taipei International Computer Exhibition came on the stage from 5th to 9th June. The theme of ComputeX is "building a global ecosystem", gathering thousands of industry experts and providers from more than 150 countries and regions. Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, AMD, NVIDIA and other international giants are also on the scene. The exhibition hall is divided into six themes: artificial intelligence and robotics, 5G, blockchain, Internet of things, innovation and entrepreneurship, e-sports and virtual reality. The AI theme area remains hugely popular. NVIDIA's founders said: "AI is the most powerful technology force of our time. In the first stage, AI will achieve a new level of software automation, which will help many industries improve their productivity. After that, artificial intelligence, combined with sensors and actuators, will become the core of the new generation of autonomous machines. One day, billions of smart machines will be used in manufacturing, home delivery services, warehousing and logistics. Let's take a look at the most innovation highlights of this exhibition: Qualcomm Qualcomm officially released Snapdragon 850 at the Qualcomm exhibition. According to the introduction, compared with Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 850, the performance improved by 30%, the battery life increased by 20%, and the speed of 4G LTE increased by 20%. The processor to the tablet, can automatically locate put pen to paper, full records will be handwritten screen outside of the content on intelligent terminal equipment of 3 d input technology, including ordinary paper or other media. Qualcomm's application on the tablet 5G 5G mobile network is currently a very hot topic of science and technology, is expected in the second half of this year there will be some 5G phone prototype, so during the ComputeX, will introduce 5G as a brand new exhibition theme, we can see about 5G application scenario for the future, say, telemedicine, mobile phone download speed simulation experience, etc., as the telecommunications giant Qualcomm also launched this is suitable for mobile communications, the Internet of things and IoV the application of new hardware and technology. Asus As Taiwan's local hardware provider, Asus, in addition to the laptop, also launch self-study smartphone “ZenFone” and intelligent robot “Zenbo Qrobot”, which can be widely used in business intelligence, innovation, education, health care, etc. ASUSintelligent robot “Zenbo Qrobot” Telpo In the field of Internet of things, consumer-grade products are developing and popularizing rapidly. From smart gateways and electric lights to smart appliances, they have become very common products. With the increasing consumption power in China and the high penetration rate of mobile payment, diversified and multi-functional intelligent consumer cashier settlement terminals have also become the fierce market field in China. As a representative of the intelligent hardware industry leading domestic enterprises, Telpo this exhibition, to compete with numerous international industry partners, also shows the intelligent cashier 5.0 products series, including Telpo TPS900 intelligent POS machine, the latest smart cash register TPS680 and TPS680, attract the attention of many visitors, and information to know. In this exhibition, we have seen the evolution and progress of many intelligent hardware and technology, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the motivation and wisdom of our continuous pursuit of progress and innovation. Telpo Smart POS Leader! Read More 1.5G - UpComing Future Network 2.Gaokao: Telpo "Face Swiping" Biometric Smart Terminal Used To Prevent Gaokao 3.What Are The Advantages of Using Touch-screen Cash Registers For Restaurant Merchants? 2018/6/11
CCTV: Smart Cash Register Helps The Campus Smart Canteen Upgrade Recently, CCTV (the China Central Television) reported on the "smart canteen" in colleges and universities. The school's dining hall uses intelligent hardware devices to greatly optimize canteen service and reduce food waste. The smart cash register terminal manufactured by the Telpo ODM project helped the intelligent upgrading of the school cafeteria. How smart the canteen is? The smart window is a self-selected self-help window for students. It can precise pricing for any component of the price, such as a teaspoon of food. Students can mix dishes according to their needs. According to Li Yanhong, Director of Logistics Management Division of Tianjin Polytechnic University, “The weight ratio of the leftovers to the school after the introduction of the ‘mart Canteen Management system’. It has been reduced by 50% in the past." It has greatly saved food. What is reported in CCTV is our smart cash register-TPS613 and TPS660. TPS613 is a cashier terminal with unique design, small size and full-featured. The dual 11.6-inch screen brings the same experience between operators and customers. Dual touch and dual camera functions are optional. This can realize the function of interaction order between students and dining hall staff. TPS660 was also introduced in the video. TPS660 is an android Cash register with integrated barcode scanner and NFC reader. Students can pay for the meal via NFC cards, Wechat pay, Alipay. Payment becomes convenient and hygienic. The Smart Canteen is being popularized in offices, schools, factories and so on. Intelligent ordering equipment and Smart management system make the canteen's ordering more self-help, simple, safe and sanitary. Telpo can provide a one-stop solution for a smart canteen system. Telpo can customizes the production of intelligent electronic scales, smart cash registers, to help your new dining hall. Looking Forward to See You in Sao Paulo! The two-day Cards Payment & Identification expo 2018 has stared in 15th May in Sao Paulo ,Brazil. Welcome to the booth B024 Tag: Telpo Smart Hardware Customization 丨 Smart Canteen丨 TPS613 丨 Mobile payment | Wechatpay | Alipay | code Payment 丨 Smart Cash Register 丨 Smart Cashier丨 POS Cash Register 丨 CCTV丨 Canteen Management 丨 Smart Cash Register terminal Related Products TPS650 Cash Register with 80mm Printer TPS615 Basic Cash Register 2018/5/16
5G - UpComing Future Network Recently, the Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC2018) was held in Barcelona, Spain. In this world's most influential mobile communications exhibition, besides smartphones, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, 5G technology had attracted much attention. In the congress, Chinese companies such as China Mobile, Huawei, and ZTE also introduced the latest technological achievements. Due to its high speed, large capacity, and low latency, It is regarded that 5G technology will lead the mobile communications industry to achieve innovation and change. At this conference, various manufacturers launched new series of products and services around 5G. It can be predicted that 2018 is a key year for the determination of the 5G Standard and R&D of commercial products. The 5G industry chain will usher in a number of milestones in development and is expected to enter a period of explosive growth. With the upgrading of communications technology, smart hardware will also be further upgraded, leading us into a 5G era of all things connected. What is 5G? The 5G (concept) in the communication, that is, the fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, is also called the fifth generation mobile communication technology. 5G (5th generation mobile communication technology) is specifically an extension of the 4G (fourth generation mobile communication technology) currently being promoted. It is still under research. Compared with 4G, the 5G improvement is omnidirectional. According to the definition of 3GPP, 5G has high performance, low delay and high capacity characteristics, and these advantages are mainly reflected in the five major technologies, such as millimeter wave, small base station, Massive MIMO, full duplex, and beam-forming. 5G has a higher speed and wider bandwidth. Therefore, it is expected that the 5G speed will be about 10 times higher than 4G. For example, downloading a high-definition movie requires only a few seconds, which can satisfy consumers' demands for higher network experience such as virtual reality (VR) and ultra-high definition video. Because 5G has higher reliability, lower latency, and better meet the needs of the Internet of Things (IoT), such as smart manufacturing, autopilot and other industrial applications. It’s benefit to expand the development space of the integrated industry, even to support economic and social innovation and development. 5G is anticipated to be commercially available by 2020. 5G is still at the stage of conception and research. In the coming years, 4G will maintain its dominant position and achieve sustained high-speed development. The continuous maturation of 5G tech will also lead the financial payment, catering retail, and security protection industries into smarter times. As a leading brand of smart POS, Telpo will also devote itself to the research of 5G and it will be perfectly connected to our smart terminals. As a famous POS manufacturer called Telpo in China, it has also devoted itself to 5G research and will perfectly embed it in intelligent terminals in the future! Telpo not only will load 5G but also customization +,committed to the cash register, financial payment, identification, O2O and other industries, customized for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware industry solutions.Welcome to Telpo ! 2018/3/14
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