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5G - UpComing Future Network Recently, the Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC2018) was held in Barcelona, Spain. In this world's most influential mobile communications exhibition, besides smartphones, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, 5G technology had attracted much attention. In the congress, Chinese companies such as China Mobile, Huawei, and ZTE also introduced the latest technological achievements. Due to its high speed, large capacity, and low latency, It is regarded that 5G technology will lead the mobile communications industry to achieve innovation and change. At this conference, various manufacturers launched new series of products and services around 5G. It can be predicted that 2018 is a key year for the determination of the 5G Standard and R&D of commercial products. The 5G industry chain will usher in a number of milestones in development and is expected to enter a period of explosive growth. With the upgrading of communications technology, smart hardware will also be further upgraded, leading us into a 5G era of all things connected. What is 5G? The 5G (concept) in the communication, that is, the fifth generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, is also called the fifth generation mobile communication technology. 5G (5th generation mobile communication technology) is specifically an extension of the 4G (fourth generation mobile communication technology) currently being promoted. It is still under research. Compared with 4G, the 5G improvement is omnidirectional. According to the definition of 3GPP, 5G has high performance, low delay and high capacity characteristics, and these advantages are mainly reflected in the five major technologies, such as millimeter wave, small base station, Massive MIMO, full duplex, and beam-forming. 5G has a higher speed and wider bandwidth. Therefore, it is expected that the 5G speed will be about 10 times higher than 4G. For example, downloading a high-definition movie requires only a few seconds, which can satisfy consumers' demands for higher network experience such as virtual reality (VR) and ultra-high definition video. Because 5G has higher reliability, lower latency, and better meet the needs of the Internet of Things (IoT), such as smart manufacturing, autopilot and other industrial applications. It’s benefit to expand the development space of the integrated industry, even to support economic and social innovation and development. 5G is anticipated to be commercially available by 2020. 5G is still at the stage of conception and research. In the coming years, 4G will maintain its dominant position and achieve sustained high-speed development. The continuous maturation of 5G tech will also lead the financial payment, catering retail, and security protection industries into smarter times. As a leading brand of smart POS, Telpo will also devote itself to the research of 5G and it will be perfectly connected to our smart terminals. As a famous POS manufacturer called Telpo in China, it has also devoted itself to 5G research and will perfectly embed it in intelligent terminals in the future! Telpo not only will load 5G but also customization +,committed to the cash register, financial payment, identification, O2O and other industries, customized for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware industry solutions.Welcome to Telpo ! 2018-3-14
Sberbank Plan to build biometrics platform Recently, Sberbank of Russia, announced acquisition of a block of shares in a global leader of the facial recognition market, to build a biometric platform. “Sberbank announces the signing of a deal to acquire a block of shares in VisionLabs, a global leader of the facial recognition market. “ The investment is seen as a key step by Serbankto build a biometrics platform of Sberbank’s ecosystem, involving face, voice and retina identification, as well as other biometric factors. Once implemented, this identification platform will allow the creation of a unique biometric identifier that let Sberbank's clients access any service. The biometrics platforms will be used within Sberbank's ecosystem and also be available in more markets. Telpo has provided a lot of biometric smart hardware solutions. Telpo product line, has the products conform to the requirements of the biometric, such as TPS900, TPS360, TPS520 and so on. Through mutual efforts, We has participate in a number of biometric projects in the financial sector, retail, security and so on. Fingerprint Scanner. Telpo has multi-options of optical and capacitive fingerprint sensors for commercial applications and government standards of FBI, PIV, and STQC certification.International standards support for ISO19794-2, ISO19794-4, ANSI378 and WSQ. Iris recognition. Iris unique security, iris image acquisition is simple, stable, high security. Iris also built in our products, such as TPS450. It's dual camera tablet, both front and rear camera can acquisition human's iris image. Generally capturing black people's iris image will be relatively difficult, since the color. Through many experiments, Telpo's iris technology can meet black image recognition. Keywords: Sberbank, VisionLabs, Biometrics,Face recognition,Identity,Investment,Platform, biometric platform, smart hardware solutions, biometrics sensor, ris recognition, fingerprint recognition, tablet with fingerprint 2017-11-29
Wechat Hop on the UK to Expanding E-commerce and Payment Recently, the Financial Times reported that Chinese social media platforms (WeChat) is planning to open the British market, the expansion of e-commerce and payment services to European brands. Tencent's European manager Andrea Ghizzoni in March, said: "we will expand to Britain next month, also plans to open a business in other European countries directly next year." As the report saw , Wechat, is no longer just about China's platform for mobile socialmediaand payment, gradually to the world, accepted by other countries.Mobile payment, asWechat pay, Alipay, arechanging the payment behavior in the world, increasingly intelligent and cashless. Telpo has been focusing on providing smater and security payment terminals. TPS300, is one of hottest payment terminal of Telpo.It is fully functional, stable in payment, and robust enough to handle all kinds of harsh payment environments. TPS900 is a new mobile payment terminal insmart finance 3.0 era.TPS900has astreamlineappearance,embodies the elements of the information stream and the humanized experience. TPS900 supports all frequency bands and can be used globally and can be mobile charging anytime. Continuation of the TPS300 performance, it also passes a number of certifications, such as EMV, PCI, CE,FCC and so on. It is not a simple POS, it is more powerful than you think. Telpo POS machines also support the WeChat pay! Telpo POS terminals support scanning Wechat QR-code in mobile phone or other terminal, to achieve the payment functions. In any case, the new payment method has changed the way we used to pay, and in the era of Smart Financial 3.0, Telpo will provide smarter hardware sulutions. 2017-11-27
Unmanned supermarket is really coming! In July 1st, the first unmanned supermarket in Shanghai landed 24 hours without any cashier. In July 2nd, Shenzhen automatic cash collection, no checkout required throughout the process. In July 7th, Ma Yun's unmanned supermarket was officially established in Hangzhou. tools of fiscal policyticket factura a controlador fiscaltax quality control Yes, a "destroy, destroy, destroy the cashier \ waiter" revolution, began to go forward with great strength and vigor. July 2017 will be an important turning point. It is a ruin for traditional sales. But, as a shop owner, they should be happy. Because they can keep up with the trend of the times, but also faced with the opportunity to cut costs and run stores more efficiently At present, a shop owner often encountered some troubles, for example, they cannot cope with a spate of passenger flow, processing inventory data is inefficient and computer network is unstable, etc. If these problems can be resolved effectively, it will save a lot of time and effort to do more. Telpo TPS590 could provide convenient services for them, save time and improve efficiency. TPS590 is Android based smart terminal, it integrated with 1D/2D barcode scanner, 3G network, Ethernet, 80mm thermal printer.You can use the 1D/2D barcode reader to scan the goods, then the terminal automatic displays your sales report, and automatic print out the receipts.You also can use 3G or Ethernet to upload and download sales reports, goods sheets and so on. If you run a restaurant, retail store, logistics and other services, you will receive a customer's order by phone, SMS, email and so on. By using TPS590, Business get more easy. When customers make an order on your website, the server receives and sends orders to this smart terminal devices(TPS590). And TPS590 prints out the detailed information to you. Here, you will no longer worried for missing orders because of frequent work. Then you can save some money in hiring a worker to receive order. Difference from the traditional combination of printer + scanner + a computer screen, TPS590, built-in thermal printer, card reader, and 7’’ touch screen display, greatly saves space and cost. If you use PC, investment will much higher. Why? The TPS590 integrated with battery, when AC power is off, you can still run your business while PC cannot continue for your sales. TPS590 is a fantastic smart terminals for retailers. Please staytunedto Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November. 2017-7-16
Approaching cashless society Payment style is innovating into our life, cashless payment is more and more popular now.Whether we will go into a cashless society?tax control system Recently, “there is a payment platform that will push China into the cashless society within 5 years” has become a hot topic, causing widespread concern and discussion. Wechat pay and Ali-pay is increasingly popular in China. Due to their simple payment steps, using the mobile phone to have a scan, input denomination and confirm. There is no need to care about counterfeit money, there is no need to change money, there is no need to count the changes one by one manually, there is no need for the retailer to pay credit card handling charge fee, the advantages of mobile payment is obviously to retailer and customers. So cashless mobile payment is quickly control services However, many people also have to maintain a cautious attitude, think the cashless society still lacks many basic conditions, including the popularity of electronic payment in the underdeveloped areas such as electronic payment security, electronic payment related legal system. So, the cashless society, how far away from us?Функциональный модуль In order to solve the problem of exchange of goods, people began to issue currency. The first is made of precious materials, in modern times, in order to facilitate carrying, invented the paper money. However, the use of paper money has many disadvantages, such as inconvenient to carry, loss of risk, inventory errors, high maintenance costs, money laundering and crime risk. In the past, it was generally believed that the disappearance of paper money would be a long process, but no one thought that the Internet has changed the human society so quickly and thoroughly. Especially in Chinese, in recent years, with the help of the Internet, the speed of the reform of the financial system quickly, in a sense, the electronic payment itself can be regarded as a kind of financial innovation or reform and fast development, although the related legal construction is lagging behind, but also has been in development. Faced with this trend, the cashier POS and intelligent POS will have a lot of space to play. As everyone knows, the cash register has become an indispensable retail stores, clothing stores, restaurants, supermarkets and other consumer industries, currency trading tools, POS cash register convenient so that we can go to the supermarket to buy things, do not need to take cash, because there is a supermarket cash register can use membership card, consumption and other forms of two-dimensional code. Telpo TPS650 appearance, complete function, convenient and can bring many benefits for businesses in the retail and supermarket, TPS650 uses the Android system, open platform, simple operation, can save a lot of time for business operation. Telpo also launched a series of Android intelligent POS machine, to meet the needs of customers. Cashless society also takes a long time to achieve, in today's society, the intelligent POS still plays a very important role. As we pursue the goal, we strive to provide customers with better service, to save more time for customers, to provide customers with a different choice. I believe we will do better! 2017-4-9
The European E-commerce Platform Supports UnionPay Cards PayPal reached a cooperation with China UnionPayrecently, people can use China UnionPay credit &debit cards in future for European E-commerce platform transaction through the Braintree platform of Papal. fiscal controllerfiscal control systems European merchants can recognize UnionPay credit&debit card quickly throughBraintree. "It can be used smoothly after a simple registration,"Braintree said in blog. In international market, not only Ali Alipay has won worldwide attention, UnionPay expansion and strategic deployment have made gratifying results. Alipay and China UnionPay has become the two payment method for American and European merchants touch with Chinese consumers. UnionPay is treated as the fastest growing bank in the world due to its smooth development of international expansion.fiscal control functions Telepower, which is one of the leading POS Terminal manufacturer in China, has rich experiences in payment terminal. For instance the Linux EFT POS TPS300A and Android EFT POS TPS900. 2016-10-9
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