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Telpo Smart POS Terminals Accompany You During The World Cup In The 2018 FIFA World Cup, 32 teams that qualify for The World Cup have reached the final 16 after a round robin. As Portugal, Argentina and Germany are eliminated, the World Cup's top eight teams will be born soon. Even though The Chinese football team is not able to take part in the game, but Telpo won’t miss this big event. During World Cup, do you find many Chinese elements in Russia. Incomplete statistics indicate that 140,000 Chinese comes to Russia to watch the game and cheer for their favorite team. The Chinese have sent a row of crawfish to Russia to stimulate fans’ appetites, not only the food, but also a lot of related goods are made in China. 2018 FIFA World Cup As a Chinese, you may be worried that Russia will speak a different language and wonder how much cash you need to take? But in this World Cup, people all over the world can feel the convenience of Chinese payment.Telpo can tell you that Russia's major commercial centers have supported Union pay and Alipay and other mobile payment. Since Telpo smart POS are helping you solve these problems in Russia, specially the TPS900, which could accept payment with Alipay, Wechat pay and Union pay. So no matter when you do some shopping in the supermarket, or take a metro, you will find it very convenient as in China. Telpo smart POS TPS900 EFT Android handheld terminal, combines the functions of intelligence recognition, and is a printing and scanning machine, uses a quad-core processor, with ergonomic shape design, convenient handheld operation. It can be used for hand-held world cup ticket checking, parking fees, security mobile law enforcement, food ordering, retail and other industries. If you in the coffee shop, restaurant, also can watch World Cup high-definition live broadcasts directly in front of the TPS680. Intelligent cash register TPS680 with dual-screen, can achieve dual-screen different display, guests can watch the ball while watching the game on the guest screen while vendor processing the customer's order list on the main screen. The customer does not affect the operation of the main screen at the same time as the order. The wonderful moments of the cash register and the World Cup make businesses win-win. Finally, who will stay until the end of the 2018 World Cup? Who will win the FIFA World Cup Trophy?Let us look forward to it. Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. Related Products TPS900 Android EFT POS TPS680 5TH Generation Cash Register 2018/7/3
Telpo Smart Cash Register TPS650 Telpo cash register TPS650 Smartcashregister5.0 has been awarded the 2017 China POS industry excellent design award. As a POS cash register, it has been recognized by the industry. Telpo TPS650 cash register machine has a lot of external interface, support external cash drawer, barcode scanner gun, invoice printer, card swipe machine,electronic scale, routers.TPS650 android cash register machine also can equipped with cameras, NFC card module, etc. The TPS650 cash register has abundant external access to meet the demand of smart retail. Telpo intelligent hardware TPS650 using Android system, android 5.1, while this cash register support windows system, Telpo as a smart POS hardware custom manufacturer, can be customized according to customer needs Android or windows operating system. The TPS650 supports secondary development. We provide standard SDK files for developers and Telpo has our own R&D team to provide customers with technical support in the secondary development process. TelpoTPS650 commercial intelligent cash register machine adopts a new dual-touch high-definition large screen, dual-screen displaydifferent content, greater field of vision, high-definition imaging. Telpo cash registers feature a brand new screen and are guaranteed for quality. Telpo supermarket chain cash register machine TPS650appearance design, unique design style, from the side view is a "公" font (Chinese character). Everything focuses on the interests of customers. The TPS650 cash register screen supports fine-tuning of angles to give users a better visual experience. Telpo POS TPS650 built-in thermal printers, paper width of80 mmand, which supportsthe automatic paper cuttingtomeet the demand of printing. Do not need external printer, reduce occupied area of the counter equipment. The TPS650 cash register all-in-one is highly integrated, which reduces the space occupied and improves the experience of smart food and beverage stores in the new retail era. Telpointelligent hardware TPS650 intelligent cashier terminal supports WeChat Pay, Alipay payment, etc. Smart restaurant customers scan the QRcode information on the customer screen to complete payment. TelpoTPS650 intelligent cash register 5.0 with ampleexternal accessories is widely used in smart stores such as shopping malls, supermarkets, food stores, clothesstores and so on. The following functions are optional. If necessary, please contact customer service. TelpoTPS650 can be built in the NFC swipe card module, which supportsto swipemembership card, for supermarket, shopping mall, stores and other member management. Telpo hardware intelligent cash register TPS650 can be built with the IDcard reading module to read the IDcard information and verify the authenticity. This can be used for visitor registration, election, etc. Telpo intelligent terminal TPS650 customerscreen is equipped with a 5M pixelcamera, which can realize face comparison, portrait photography and other functions, This canbe used in the intelligent security industry. As an intelligent hardware manufacturer, Telposupports intelligent hardware customization. If the above product functions cannot meet customers' needs, customer service can be consulted for product customization. Telpo:We have provided ODM service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, Biometric, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. Related Products TPS650 Android POS Cash Register TPS680 5TH Generation Cash Register Get More Details! 2018/6/24
Pick up at the counter or The Clerks Do Deliver? McDonald's Is Playing Smart Restaurant Nowadays, many fast food restaurants have adopted smart food ordering kiosk. By gently sliding on the screen, you can see a wide variety of menus. You can click on the food you want to eat. But McDonald's, a big restaurant chain, is certainly more than that. When you enter a domestic McDonald's store, you are likely to see some machines erected next to the dining table. These are McDonald's smart ordering kiosk machines. Without the clerk's participation, customers can self-finish the ordering process. 4 steps to complete ordering in the intelligent self-service kiosk machine: 1. Select dishes classification - 2. Select dishes - 3. Select the dine-in or takeaway - 4. Select the payment methods, generally support credit card and mobile phone QR-Code payment. One of the options is more eye-catching: pick up at the counter or clerk catering? Because it is no one's self-help ordering, how does the clerk know which customers ordered which meals and where did they sit? It sounds complicated, but it is a simple application of smart hardware technology. When the customer places an order, they will bring the linked RFID card associated with the order to their table. When the meal in the order is ready, the McDonald's staff will find the ordering customer through the RFID card and deliver the meal to them. These intelligent self-service meal terminals not only reduce labor costs, but also reduce the error rate. In the peak of people flow, the speed of receiving meals can be accelerated. In addition to clever devices, McDonald's also launched its own mobile software application "i McDonald's" applet, which has about 200,000 visits per day. On this basis, there are also a large number of new users, The average user stays for 30 seconds. And small programs regularly push coupons to consumers, giving consumers a reason to go back to stores. The store connects the automatic points and exchanges of self-service meal ordering machine and APP, and also becomes marketing portals for store users to promote. Behind each purchase record of the user, it forms a unique portrait. Are you sweets or meat eaters? Which snacks and staples are more interested in? These small details are derived from the refined user tag identification technology behind the McDonald's applet. Feng Lian, vice president of digitization business at McDonald's China, said that each customer opened the homepage of the I McDonald's, and the content presented may not be the same. "Based on the existing data, we will guess the customer's favorite service and will prioritize the corresponding entrance." Smart catering is not only a smart cashier and digital management of internal inventory, but also a better experience for users. There is more room for imagination in the scenario and application of intelligent restaurant and retail. Summary Play with the smart self-service kiosk machie! The McDonald's case has taught us that intelligence is more efficient and highly profitable in the long run. And this intelligent automatic ordering machine is more and more popular in the catering industry, such as starbucks, burger king and so on. How to play smart ordering machine, Telpo provides solutions! TPS700 Smart Food Ordering Machine TPS700 is an Android self-service ordering kiosk, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground with the pedestal. The installation method is flexible and occupies less space of restaurants or retail stores. The TPS700 also has biometrics.The TPS700 can add face recognition and infrared sensors according to customer requirements. Make ordering more efficient interaction, and face recognition payment can also facilitate the payment habits of customers. In addition to ordering food, the TPS700 can also be used to better guide customers. It can also be used in booking office hall, business hall, etc. Click For more details for TPS700 -> Apart from the self-service ordering machine, restaurants and cafeterias are now also written, and a flat-panel ordering screen or electronic menu is also used to display the menu at the cash register.It's also convenient, fast and takes up little space. Telpo Smart Cash Register TPS650 can serve with you. Telpo is a smart terminal customization provider, with 11 years of experience, professional engineer supporting, to provide you with the most comprehensive retail catering solutions. If there is any question about the catering intelligence program, ordering machine, please contact us. Contact Sale for More Details 2018/6/20
Telpo TPS650-New Commercial Dual-Screen Cash Register (Pay-with-your-face) Telpo TPS650 smart cash register 5.0 is a new commercial dual-screen cash register. Its structure is dual-screen integrated all-in-one design. The main screen is 15.6 inches, resolution 1920 * 1080, customer screen 11.6 inches, resolution 1366 * 768. Tips: What is Smart Cash Register 5.0? Cash register 1.0: mechanical cash register; Cash register 2.0: electronic cash register, supporting simple financial management; Cash register 3.0: commercial cash register, connecting peripherals such as swiping card; Cash register 4.0: all-in-one cash register with touch screen, supporting complicated inventory management; Smart Cash Register 5.0: smart Android cash register, customized + smart cash register, Opening system intelligentized, customizable TPS650 supports dual-screen display. The main screen and the customer screen display different contents synchronously. The customer display has binocular camera supporting pay-with-your-face/face recognition. The customized TPS650 has pay-with-your-face function with quad-core CPU, 1.8GHz. It runs fast with high speed and performs stably. Telpo TPS650, smart cash register 5.0, won one of the top ten influential brands in 2016 China POS machine industry and it has been recognized by the industry as POS cash register. TPS650, the professional commercial cash register, is independently developed by Telpo. For self-service cashless scene of new retailing and intelligent catering industry, TPS650 has a binocular camera on the guest screen supporting face recognition, pay-with-your-face and more intelligent methods by precise face recognition positioning to capture biometrics features. During product development, Telpo considered that there might be illegal behavior, such as taking the 3D masks or printed photos for pay-with-your-face to steal the other’s funds. Based on the mission of being more intelligent for commercial use, TPS650 was strengthened the face recognition function of binocular camera to completely take strict precautions against counterfeiting and stealing. Define self-service cash register from “Core”. Telpo TPS650’s motherboard design adopts industrial program: on-board CPU with RK3288, quad-core 1.8GHz processor. It ensures TPS650 work stably and smoothly. When client is swiping the card, he can see how it works from the customer display. Telpo TPS650 is dual touch screens design (Main screen 15.6 inches+ 11.6 inches). It supports that dual screens show different content synchronously allowing vendors and customers to interact in real time. Telpo starts from the customer experience and needs, and integrates into the concept of selflessness. It has uniquely designed as "公" shape (Chinese character, means “just”). Its tri-surface body design, which fully show the unique charm of the TPS65O. There are plenty peripheral interfaces in TPS650 for major cash register accessories such as external cash drawers, scanners, invoice printers, credit card machines, electronic scales, and routers. TPS650 cash register integrated with different peripherals can be applied for different scenarios such as self-service superstores, self-service shops, self-service cashiers with pay-with-your-face, non-sense payment and so on. 2018 new dual-screen commercial cash register TPS650 is the high-end fashion. Its industrial motherboard program combining with 2G RAM + 8G FLASH with Android 5.1 system and biometric binocular camera. It fully meets the demand of market for financial level pay-with-your face and non- sense payment. TPS650 dual-screen commercial cash register machine integrates smart cash register 5.0+ face recognition. One TPS650 can meet the need of pay-with-your-face and non-sense payment for self-service supermarkets, restaurant, and self-service checkout counters. It can also be used for visitor registration by face. Keywords: Telpo TPS650, electronic cash register, pay with your face, face recognition, smart cash register, new retail KassenhardwareKassensystemเครื่อง คิด เงินสดcaja registradora Related Products TPS650 Cash Register with Printer TPS680 5TH Generation Cash Register Contact Sale for More Details 2018/6/12
Gaokao: Telpo "Face Swiping" Biometric Smart Terminal Used To Prevent Gaokao Cheats When the Gaokao was conducted. On June 7th, It went to the Annual China National College Entrance Examination again, which was hailed as one-way tickets for Chinese students to destiny. Telpo's Smart biometric terminal TPS450 was applied to the smart college entrance examination. The 2018 college entrance exam had ushered in a technical reform. For the first time, the examination room in many places in China had used high-tech "face recognition" technology to verify the identity of the examinees and invigilator's teacher. It made every effort to crack down on cheating in the college entrance examination to ensure fairness in the “Gaokao”. It has been reported that proxy is very prominent and someone else writing the paper on predetermined of. The Telpo TPS450 introduced can be checked by registering all applicants’ Faces or fingerprints and crosschecking using biometrics reader in the examination hall. This year's each examination room need to use “KaoWuTong”system to verify the identity of the invigilator teachers tip ID card sign; Candidates in the examination room, "swiping ID card" and " swiping face" to verify the identity. In other words, after accepting the metal detector to check the illegal items, the examinee must also accept the “double” authentication before the exa, first read the ID card, and then scan his face. After passing the verification, everyone will be asked to enter the seat and the "double ID card" (Candidate certificate and id card)will be placed on the side of the examination table near the walkway for future check. There is a huge database of the exam entrance exam authentication system, which collects the identity information and registration information of the candidates in the province. The introduction of this system can effectively solve the problem of the “Ghostwriting” in the college entrance examination and improve the identification and verification of candidates. What is the process going to look like? Here are some tips: 1. Swiping your id card. Please stick your id card in the specified area,the opposite side of the front are arbitrary, pay attention not to hand shake ok! 2. Look straight at the exam board screen. It is taking and comparing with your photos! The exam board will compare your id photo, the photo of your college entrance exam registration and the photo of the exam room at the moment. 3.If the comparison is successful, the verification is passed, and you can go to your seat to prepare for the exam. Telpo is a leading manufacturer of Smart terminal for face recognition. The face recognition terminal adopts infrared binocular camera. The intelligent POS TPS450 combines face recognition and fingerprint recognition and other biological recognition functions, which provides high efficient and intelligent authentication. Leave a Message to Looking forward to you at Taipei Computex 2018! Keywords: gaokao, gaokao cheats, college entrance examination, Telpo, smart examination, smart terminal TPS450, face swiping, face recognition, biometric device, POS manafacturer, android pos terminal Related Products TPS450 Biometric Tablet POS TPS520 Desktop Biometric Terminal 2018/6/7
What Are The Advantages of Using Touch-screen Cash Registers For Restaurant Merchants? As we all known, smart cash registers on the market will try to be close to smart phones in the operating experience. To put it more bluntly, it lets you operate the cash register like a mobile phone. In addition to using mainstream systems like android as the cashier system, you can also use a touch screen on the cash register screen, allowing you to operate the smart cash register without a mouse or keyboard. For department stores, supermarkets, retail restaurants, public canteens and other places, direct and simple touch screen operation can save a lot of time in training employees to use the cash register. But beyond that, what are the benefits of a touch-screen cash register? 1, promote the overall image of merchants, sensitive and convenient high-definition color screen can show more flexibility in diversified products, for customers to create a better environment to experience, better transfer merchant's image; 2. According to the research, the touch-screen cash register consumes 70% of the energy of traditional computers, which is more energy efficient and saves electricity. 3. Save mouse, keyboard and other external devices, simplify operation steps, and save time and cost. There are many advantages to a touch screen cash register, but there are also points to note. For example, when used in restaurants, especially in the back kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the influence of lampblack, dust, high temperature and water vapor on the screen. After all, like to touch on the outside material extremely sensitive intelligence hardware, if hit by smoke and water vapor, accumulate over a long period, it is easy to appear the screen failure phenomena, such as the cause of failure. Of course, this is also affected by the screen material and the manufacturing process of intelligent hardware manufacturers. Especially from the technical principle, it can be divided into resistance type, capacitor type, surface acoustic type, optical type and infrared type. At present, most of the touchable cash registers used in the mainstream market are capacitor screens. The TPS680 Touch Screen monitor has sensitive response speed. Capacitive screens, such as the IPhone, were initially used only on high-end machines because of capacity and price. Now, as technology improves and industrial costs fall, many cash registers are using the same material. Take the touch screen smart point-of-sale TPS680 of Telpo, which uses a capacitive screen. Its sensitive response speed is fast, support multi-touch, and single layer thickened tempered glass, high hardness, durability, long service life, the visibility performance u8nder the sun is also very good. The TPS650 touch screen cash register has dual screen display function Touch screen cash register is the standard equipment for many businesses nowadays. Besides improving work efficiency, it can also make your store look more high-end and elegant. But when choosing, you should also pay attention to the features and product parameters of these touch screens. Keywords: touch screen cash register, advantages of touch screen cash register, telpo, tps680,Restaurant Merchants cash register Welcome to Taiwan Computex 2018! Telpo booth :N0423 JOIIN US! Related links: Related Products TPS680 5th Generation Android Cash Register TPS650 Cash Register with Printer TPS688 Single Touch Screen Cash Register 2018/5/31
2017 Telpo POS Terminal Collections Where can i buy good Pos terminals? Now to sum up 2017 pos machines produced by Telpo, if there is suitable for you? Telpo kept innovation in 2017. A varity of intelligent hardware device were introduced, including financial POS, countertop cash registers and mobile tablet and so on. Android EFT POS Terminal TPS900 Led on the stable performance of TPS300, Telpo developed and introduced the new smart handheld POS machine TPS900. TPS900 highlights the streamline, which makes used feel comfortable and easy to carry. Powered by Android operating platform, TPS900 is a new-style tablet mobile POS terminal. TPS900 supports all frequency bands and can be used globally and can be mobile charging anytime. It is not a simple POS, it is more powerful than you think. TPS900 experienced a brilliant year. In May 1st, TPS900 successfully debuts in Dubai Seamless Exhibition 2017. Only in six months, TPS900 passed a number of certification, such as BIS, TQM and so on. The high performance of TPS900 was attracted by the Nilson organization. In the November, the introduction of TPS900 was published in the Nilson report. Read more about TPS900-> Mobile Biometric POS Terminal TPS360 TPS360 is a smart Android mobile terminal, featuring 5.5 inches HD screen. Upgrade from TPS350, TPS360 also built in a biometric fingerprint scanner that offers accurate identification. Being the most stable biometric characteristics, fingerprint authentication can be used to prevent unauthorized physical access to factory, warehouse, office, laboratory, etc. Read more about TPS360-> Desktop POS TPS520 & TPS570 Both of TPS520 and TPS570, are economical fiscal POS solutions. TPS520 is a 10-inch big screen POS terminal, new elegant and mellow design, contains with NFC, printer, barcode scanner, fingerprint reader functions. Full fit with daily use for loyalty program,lottery,cash register, biometric application. TPS520 would meet your POS requirements and make business more accessible. Read more about TPS520-> TPS570, is a simple but elegant smart POS terminal with high-speed printer and multi-support NFC reader. It applied in many fields, like lottery, loyalty program, and food ordering. Moreover, it supports many kinds of communication way as WIFI, Ethernet, and WCDMA/GSM. Read more about TPS570-> Intelligent Cash Register series Telpo at the forefront of smart cash registers 5.0, had launched a number of smart cash registers, such as TPS650 and TPS615. Telpo focused on integrating a set of cash registers system. For example, TPS660 is a retail cash register, containing tablet, thermal printer, MSR/IC/NFC card reader in one machine. It’s good for savings space and beauty cashiers. Moreover, TPS615 featured dual HD screen. It can clearly show the details of the bills. At the same time, It can advertise to attract customers. Read More about TPS615-> Certificates and hornor: Products also accompanied by certification. Part of Telpo products passed EMV/PCI/BIS/TQM/Unionpay certificates, etc. 2018 New Product Delivery TPS680 5th Generation Android Cash Register TPS680, contains with two perfect and reliable LCD(15.6”/11.6”) and abundant external interfaces, is the best product in your retail industry expanding. Small and exquisite appearance, low cost but powerful performance, detachable design to reduce package size would meet your requirements. Read more about TPS680-> TPS450 Ingress protection smart tablet TPS450 is an ingress protection tablet which compile with IP67(waterproof, dustproof and shockproof), featuring biometric, Iris, 1D/2D barcode scanner, NFC tp provide multiple functions for various customers applications such as ID information collection, logistics, voting. Read more about TPS450-> From 1999 to 2017, Telpo has been through 17 years and is about to enter 18 years. Telpo will keep high-quality, innovation to provide new POS terminals for every customers. 2018/1/5
Desktop Fiscal POS Terminal - TPS570 Fiscal policy adjustments, which the Pos terminal must installed the fiscal memory, force retail stores and restaurants to replace POS machines. The starting point is good for Tax management. But for small businesses, it means more new cost pressures. Telpo recommended the small and medium businesses the desktop pos terminal TPS570 --- economical fiscal POS solutions. TPS570 is a simple but elegant smart android POS terminal. Fashion appearance with “energetic orange”+ “Elegant gray” color brings young and energetic atmospheres. Also it is press-resisting, and drop-resisting, no harm if fall from 1 meter height, due to great structure design. Equip with Android 6.0 OS, Quad-Core 1.3GHz Processor, makes it easy to run all kinds of custom applications, strong heart to run many applications at the same time (up to 10 applications). 7-inch IPS big screen , with 1024*600 high-definition, great visual angle(178°), can show more dishes in the menu for customers to choose. G+G high-reliability touch screen, using glass material to make surface and touching smooth. Also it is strong, wear-resisting, corrosion resisting. So it’s very suitable for using in restaurant or kitchen which is with heavy cooking smell. Equipped with 7.4V 2500mAh/5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, TPS570 have obvious advantage in using time and stand-by time. Also you can put the fiscal module, in this big battery cabin, makes it easier to maintain for engineer. Internal 58mm width thermal high-speed printer, with lower noise and power dissipation, printing speed up to 70mm/s, printer engine life: 50KM, paper diameter, 50mm. could fit 5-year using (calculated by the status that one shop print 200 receipts/day, one receipt is 15 cm long) and multi-support NFC reader, supporting ISO 14443A/B, ISO 18092 standard, fully compatible with universal used contactless card, good for loyalty program. Moreover, it supports many kinds of communication way like WIFI, Ethernet, and WCDMA/GSM, makes you easier contact with the Internet, also it has two more USB TYPE A port, compatible with connecting with external devices. Fiscal Memory is installed inside the TPS570’s battery compartment (at this time only compatible with 2500mAh battery). The motherboard through the cable connected to the Fiscal Memory, and then the battery compartment cover is locked with a special screw, which is hard to open for other People. Only the government staff allow maintenance. TPS570 is your best fiscal POS solutions. TPS570 is suitable for small and medium-sized restaurant, convenience store, fruit store, gambling center and so on. Keywords: Fiscal policy,Fiscal Memory, retail POS machines, restaurant POS machine, pos machines for small business, desktop pos terminal, fiscal POS solutions, android POS terminal, smart android POS terminal, IPS touch screen, nfc pos terminal, gprs pos terminal,POS Terminal Manufacturers,Touch Screen POS Terminals, Touch Screen Ordering in Restaurants, Restaurant Touch Screen Tablet,POS Register 2017/10/13
How does the pos terminal register the tax? At present, many countries focus on reinforce the control and management of taxes, for example, Russia is vigorously tax collection equipment, to further promote tax policies, and strengthen supervision of cash transaction. How does a cash register work for fiscal registration? Fiscal memory is installed in ECR or POS as build-in module. POS terminal store encrypted transaction data to fiscal memory automatically. Meanwhile, it send the data to the tax bureau's server via 2G / 3G / WIFI / Ethernet. Tax bureau will manage tax info via the data. At the same time, printer will print ticket with QR code, which allows consumer to scan and check tax information. Tax bureau regularly removes the fiscal module in the cash register or POS. Due to using special screw lock for fiscal module installation, only the specific officer to allow maintenance, other staff difficult to open. Telpo prepare a bundle of pos solutions: 1. Countertop Pos Machine TPS570 Suitable for small desktops, small business, with printer, built-in fiscal memory. It is a low-cost solution. built-in tax control module, with a rich peripheral interface, can be used to connect a variety of peripherals + external devices (external scanning gun or password keyboard), for low-cost cashier, Suitable for small restaurants, small supermarkets and so on. 2. Handheld Mobile POS Machine: TPS390 / TPS900 (with printer, barcode scanner, built-in fiscal module) Mainly used for account management and receipts printing, easy to carry. Used for transport industry or portable application scenarios, some machines with financial certification, can be directly cashless payment, rather than cash transactions. 3. Fiscal Cash register TPS615 providing large anti-scratch screen, dual screen, and multi-interface. It is the most common solution. Fiscal cash registers combine with various external POS enclosure. The rich interface, can be used to connect multiple peripherals, such as barcode scanner, PIN PAD, wired printer and so on. It is ideal for high-level places, such as star hotels, luxury goods stores, etc., expensive, large screen, atmospheric style. 2017/9/27
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