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2017 Telpo POS Terminal Collections Where can i buy good Pos terminals? Now to sum up 2017 pos machines produced by Telpo, if there is suitable for you? Telpo kept innovation in 2017. A varity of intelligent hardware device were introduced, including financial POS, countertop cash registers and mobile tablet and so on. Android EFT POS Terminal TPS900 Led on the stable performance of TPS300, Telpo developed and introduced the new smart handheld POS machine TPS900. TPS900 highlights the streamline, which makes used feel comfortable and easy to carry. Powered by Android operating platform, TPS900 is a new-style tablet mobile POS terminal. TPS900 supports all frequency bands and can be used globally and can be mobile charging anytime. It is not a simple POS, it is more powerful than you think. TPS900 experienced a brilliant year. In May 1st, TPS900 successfully debuts in Dubai Seamless Exhibition 2017. Only in six months, TPS900 passed a number of certification, such as BIS, TQM and so on. The high performance of TPS900 was attracted by the Nilson organization. In the November, the introduction of TPS900 was published in the Nilson report. Read more about TPS900-> Mobile Biometric POS Terminal TPS360 TPS360 is a smart Android mobile terminal, featuring 5.5 inches HD screen. Upgrade from TPS350, TPS360 also built in a biometric fingerprint scanner that offers accurate identification. Being the most stable biometric characteristics, fingerprint authentication can be used to prevent unauthorized physical access to factory, warehouse, office, laboratory, etc. Read more about TPS360-> Desktop POS TPS520 & TPS570 Both of TPS520 and TPS570, are economical fiscal POS solutions. TPS520 is a 10-inch big screen POS terminal, new elegant and mellow design, contains with NFC, printer, barcode scanner, fingerprint reader functions. Full fit with daily use for loyalty program,lottery,cash register, biometric application. TPS520 would meet your POS requirements and make business more accessible. Read more about TPS520-> TPS570, is a simple but elegant smart POS terminal with high-speed printer and multi-support NFC reader. It applied in many fields, like lottery, loyalty program, and food ordering. Moreover, it supports many kinds of communication way as WIFI, Ethernet, and WCDMA/GSM. Read more about TPS570-> Intelligent Cash Register series Telpo at the forefront of smart cash registers 5.0, had launched a number of smart cash registers, such as TPS650 and TPS615. Telpo focused on integrating a set of cash registers system. For example, TPS660 is a retail cash register, containing tablet, thermal printer, MSR/IC/NFC card reader in one machine. It’s good for savings space and beauty cashiers. Moreover, TPS615 featured dual HD screen. It can clearly show the details of the bills. At the same time, It can advertise to attract customers. Read More about TPS615-> Certificates and hornor: Products also accompanied by certification. Part of Telpo products passed EMV/PCI/BIS/TQM/Unionpay certificates, etc. 2018 New Product Delivery TPS680 5th Generation Android Cash Register TPS680, contains with two perfect and reliable LCD(15.6”/11.6”) and abundant external interfaces, is the best product in your retail industry expanding. Small and exquisite appearance, low cost but powerful performance, detachable design to reduce package size would meet your requirements. Read more about TPS680-> TPS450 Ingress protection smart tablet TPS450 is an ingress protection tablet which compile with IP67(waterproof, dustproof and shockproof), featuring biometric, Iris, 1D/2D barcode scanner, NFC tp provide multiple functions for various customers applications such as ID information collection, logistics, voting. Read more about TPS450-> From 1999 to 2017, Telpo has been through 17 years and is about to enter 18 years. Telpo will keep high-quality, innovation to provide new POS terminals for every customers. 2018-1-5
Desktop Fiscal POS Terminal - TPS570 Fiscal policy adjustments, which the Pos terminal must installed the fiscal memory, force retail stores and restaurants to replace POS machines. The starting point is good for Tax management. But for small businesses, it means more new cost pressures. Telpo recommended the small and medium businesses the desktop pos terminal TPS570 --- economical fiscal POS solutions. TPS570 is a simple but elegant smart android POS terminal. Fashion appearance with “energetic orange”+ “Elegant gray” color brings young and energetic atmospheres. Also it is press-resisting, and drop-resisting, no harm if fall from 1 meter height, due to great structure design. Equip with Android 6.0 OS, Quad-Core 1.3GHz Processor, makes it easy to run all kinds of custom applications, strong heart to run many applications at the same time (up to 10 applications). 7-inch IPS big screen , with 1024*600 high-definition, great visual angle(178°), can show more dishes in the menu for customers to choose. G+G high-reliability touch screen, using glass material to make surface and touching smooth. Also it is strong, wear-resisting, corrosion resisting. So it’s very suitable for using in restaurant or kitchen which is with heavy cooking smell. Equipped with 7.4V 2500mAh/5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery, TPS570 have obvious advantage in using time and stand-by time. Also you can put the fiscal module, in this big battery cabin, makes it easier to maintain for engineer. Internal 58mm width thermal high-speed printer, with lower noise and power dissipation, printing speed up to 70mm/s, printer engine life: 50KM, paper diameter, 50mm. could fit 5-year using (calculated by the status that one shop print 200 receipts/day, one receipt is 15 cm long) and multi-support NFC reader, supporting ISO 14443A/B, ISO 18092 standard, fully compatible with universal used contactless card, good for loyalty program. Moreover, it supports many kinds of communication way like WIFI, Ethernet, and WCDMA/GSM, makes you easier contact with the Internet, also it has two more USB TYPE A port, compatible with connecting with external devices. Fiscal Memory is installed inside the TPS570’s battery compartment (at this time only compatible with 2500mAh battery). The motherboard through the cable connected to the Fiscal Memory, and then the battery compartment cover is locked with a special screw, which is hard to open for other People. Only the government staff allow maintenance. TPS570 is your best fiscal POS solutions. TPS570 is suitable for small and medium-sized restaurant, convenience store, fruit store, gambling center and so on. Keywords: Fiscal policy,Fiscal Memory, retail POS machines, restaurant POS machine, pos machines for small business, desktop pos terminal, fiscal POS solutions, android POS terminal, smart android POS terminal, IPS touch screen, nfc pos terminal, gprs pos terminal,POS Terminal Manufacturers,Touch Screen POS Terminals, Touch Screen Ordering in Restaurants, Restaurant Touch Screen Tablet,POS Register 2017-10-13
How does the pos terminal register the tax? At present, many countries focus on reinforce the control and management of taxes, for example, Russia is vigorously tax collection equipment, to further promote tax policies, and strengthen supervision of cash transaction. How does a cash register work for fiscal registration? Fiscal memory is installed in ECR or POS as build-in module. POS terminal store encrypted transaction data to fiscal memory automatically. Meanwhile, it send the data to the tax bureau's server via 2G / 3G / WIFI / Ethernet. Tax bureau will manage tax info via the data. At the same time, printer will print ticket with QR code, which allows consumer to scan and check tax information. Tax bureau regularly removes the fiscal module in the cash register or POS. Due to using special screw lock for fiscal module installation, only the specific officer to allow maintenance, other staff difficult to open. Telpo prepare a bundle of pos solutions: 1. Countertop Pos Machine TPS570 Suitable for small desktops, small business, with printer, built-in fiscal memory. It is a low-cost solution. built-in tax control module, with a rich peripheral interface, can be used to connect a variety of peripherals + external devices (external scanning gun or password keyboard), for low-cost cashier, Suitable for small restaurants, small supermarkets and so on. 2. Handheld Mobile POS Machine: TPS390 / TPS900 (with printer, barcode scanner, built-in fiscal module) Mainly used for account management and receipts printing, easy to carry. Used for transport industry or portable application scenarios, some machines with financial certification, can be directly cashless payment, rather than cash transactions. 3. Fiscal Cash register TPS615 providing large anti-scratch screen, dual screen, and multi-interface. It is the most common solution. Fiscal cash registers combine with various external POS enclosure. The rich interface, can be used to connect multiple peripherals, such as barcode scanner, PIN PAD, wired printer and so on. It is ideal for high-level places, such as star hotels, luxury goods stores, etc., expensive, large screen, atmospheric style. 2017-9-27
What is Fiscal Memory Device? Recently, many countries are vigorously promoting fiscal memory devices, to strengthen the tax regulation of cash transactions. What is fiscal memory module, and why should increase the fiscal cash register? What is fiscal memory device? Fiscal memory devicesare electronic devices used for arrange of a country'stax revenues. This equipmentis currently widely used in many countries, including Kenya, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi,Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Poland, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Ethiopia. Fiscal memory devices have following categories: 1. electroniccash registers,fiscal cash registers 2. printers,fiscal printers 3. E-Signs,Electronic signature devices both of which contain fiscal memory. And Fiscal memory itself is a kind of memory that is generally certified by appropriate government body. Why join the fiscal memory devices? In order to controlgrey economy andavoid retailer's frauds,Occasionally, governments enforce fiscal laws that require all tax payers who generate sales from goods and services to record and use an approved fiscal cash register. Countries implement such laws to make tax collection more efficient and manageable. As a result, tax payers are obligated to submit a receipt for their sales revenue. The law may also require all manufacturers to include pre-defined features in their cash register software. Below are just a few examples of common fiscal cash register requirements. 1. A serial number for each transaction 2. The name, address and the Value Added Tax identification number of the supplier 3. The Value Added Tax identification number of the person to whom the supply is made 4. A description sufficient to identify the goods supplied 5. Each description, the quantity of the goods, the tax rate chargeable, and the price payable, including the tax 6. The total amount of tax chargeable What is the requirement of general fiscal memory device? Fiscal memory device, suchas theCash registers, generally undergo extensive tests and scrutiny before the government certifies that it meets fiscal law specifications. Fiscal cash registers are tills that meet these specifications. They are specially equipped with fiscal memory, fiscal screw plus seal, and the capability to simultaneously print receipt copies containing all sales data as well as the data appearing on the customer rolls. Further, they must have 2 displays – one for the operator and one for the customer. Often, business owners using a fiscal cash register may (with permission of the tax agency) issue a generated sales tax invoice that satisfies the government’s fiscal stipulations. What is the general workflow of tax control? Fiscal memory is installed in ECR or POS as build-in module. It will automatically record the transaction information and send to tax bureau's server. Tax bureau will manage tax info via the data. At the same time, printer will print ticket with QR code, which allows consumer to scan and check tax information. Where to buy fiscal memory devices? Telpo, as a china leading pos manufacturer, provides a complete set of fiscal solution. Click for more information; Fiscal Cash Register TPS615; FiscalDesktopPos Terminal TPS570; Fiscal EFT POS TPS900; Fiscal Handheld Basic POS TPS300B. Keywords: Fiscal memory devices,Fiscal memory,fiscal cash register, fiscal pos,electroniccash registers,fiscal printers, fiscal ecr, tax collection, tax control, fiscal solution, telpo odm, telpo, tax registration, tax record, fiscal module, pos system, pos machine, pos terminal, telpo odm pos, pos solution 2017-9-24
When The POS Machine Cannot Brush The Card, How To Fix It? Today, a customer asked me about how to fix when the POS machine cannot brush the card.If you encounter the same situation, how to fix it? First, if the POS machine cannot brush the card suddenly, maybe the SIM card arrears. If the SIM card is normal but still cannot swipe the card, you can take the SIM card to re-adjust and then re-boot. In fact, what the more troublesome is the software problem. Not long ago, there was a piece of news. Several merchants also appeared the problem that POS machine cannot swipe cards and show the terminal illegally used. Therefore, they found the agents of the pos terminals. But the agents had been missing. They cannot get back the deposit eventually. Most of this situation: POS machine has been closed and cannot be used. The main reason is that, the application of the machine information is too simple, or the procedures is not regular, or agents to provide false information. Now the brand of POS machine is dazzling, however, agents apply for point of sale devices are not so strict as before. Instead, they will take the initiative to looking for merchants to deal with the POS. So, we should stay awake in this time. It’s suggest that if we need the POS machines, as far as possible choose the high-quality and well-known agents. They have a clear quality assurance and after-sales service staff to follow up. Terminals encountered problems can be resolved quickly. Selling is not just the end, service is the beginning of sales. As a manufacturer of POS machines for 10 years, Telpo will undergo strictquality controlbefore shipment, such as drop testing, dust testing, and so on.We are committed to provide one-year warranty. If the machine problems, our sales and product managers will promptly follow up and give a solution.Telpo's terminal has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and has undertook a number of international projects.Telpo's POS machine is worth your trust. Keywords: POS machine,swipe card, cardswipe machine, cannot swipe cards, buy pos terminal, pos agency,pos agenct, smart terminal, android device,Smart EFT POS,handheld android pos,EMV pos, PCIpos,TMS, pos systemm,odm pos, oem pos, sunmi pos, fiscal pos,point of sales 5.0. More Articles: Smart cash register TPS650 under the New Retail, all-round evaluation. ECR for Mobile Payment in Shops, Windows or Android? Does shipment drop affect ECR performance? Let TPS650 tell you 2017-9-20
Under New retail, How could the shopkeeper buy the right Smart cash register? There is around a lot of office workers who have a shop business plan after they get some deposits. But open a new shop is not a simple thing, decoration, store type, location, supply, etc. have to be solved by their own one by one, let alone there are a variety of small details to consider. Take a cash register for purchasing, for office workers without entrepreneurial experience, the various indicators parameters putthemina quandary on the online purchase! Today, Telpo POS customize+ will provide with an analysis for all prospective shopkeepers about how to choose and buy cash registers. First, we need to analyze two concepts: Traditional cash register: cannot do QR-code, NFC mobile payment, hardware and software need to do configuration, high failure rate, cannot do takeout. It cannot expand the capacity, so it takes time, energy and money. Smart cash register: integrated mobile payment and takeout in one, and you can manage the inventory. Generally in Android system, the data is based on cloud technology development, and data stored in the cloud server. It’s easy to upgrade, and operate. Therefore, how to choose store desktop smart cash register suitable for their shops? We consider the factors below: 1. Make collection: the main purpose to buy a cash register, of course, is to solve the problems of slow speed and easy to make mistake, so we need to choose a stable smart cash register machine. The Android system cash register equipment which gradually emerging in market is the best choice for the young businessmen, simple operation, easy to upgrade. 2. mobile payment: In the year of mobile payment technology booming, the support QR-code payment, NFC payment is the prospective needs for shopkeepers , so be sure to choose intelligent cash register machine like TPS650 with mobile payment function. And select the dual-screen configuration, easy to display two-dimensional code, so it’s easy to display two-dimensional code to customer to scan. 3.Cash register software: in addition to selecting a better hardware configuration register, and also, don't forget the system software, choose cash register in brands such as tasty Free, veins and other well-known industry software. Because the hardware makers they cooperated with must be large and service is relatively better than others. Keywords: Cash register, choose cash registers , buy cash registers, cash register for purchasing, smart cash register, cash register 5.0, Telpo POS customize+, QR-code payment, NFC payment, cash register software, TMS System, point of sales, fiscal cash register, iris cash register. Related product: Related Articles: Smart cash register TPS650 under the New Retail, all-round evaluation. ECR for Mobile Payment in Shops, Windows or Android? Does shipment drop affect ECR performance? Let TPS650 tell you 2017-8-22
A Good Helper for Public Security and Management TPS900 is a new darling among POS machines, since it is beautiful and unique, portable and innovative; it has been loved by customers. Telpo’s colleagues gave TPS900 a new image. Just As seen in the pictures. She said POS Devices are constantly changing--more humanized, personalized. This design is a try for her. She wanted to express Telpo Point of sales products, like TPS900,are advancing, continuous innovation, accept personalized custom, and strive to meet the needs of consumers and developers. Now to certify the TPS900, public safety and management assistant. TPS900 is a powerful smart handheld terminal, with the high performance CPU, large storage capacity, payments, scanning and printing all in one. A broad range of communication options are supported, as well as inbuilt NFC, IC card reader, and also external and yet one-piece designed fingerprint scanner. Visitor registration management is used for identity information reading of enterprises, schools, banks, hotels, shopping malls, goverment, police station, etc. It can be alsoapplied to many scenarios, such as bank payment, lotto, food ordering, mobile money, tax control, etc. Intelligent housekeeper walking through the crowd. 行走在人群中的智能管家 TPS900 Smart EFT POS. TPS900can be used as payment terminals,which is equipped with modernoutlook and multi-functional touch screen. And it’s easy and flexible to hold and make registration and identity PIN information, etc. Secure Payment TPS900 is EMV & PCI certified, which is the highest security standard worldwide. Fast operating speed It can realize the electronic ticket verificationquickly, do not cause long waiting time and crowd stranded situation. TMS system It can wirelessly connect to Telpo's latest POS management system TMS, to achieve remote access to shops and customer information, high-speed decision. Keywords:POS machines,TPS900, custom pos, accept personalized custom,publicsafetymanagement,Visitor registration management,Smart EFT POS, handheld android pos,EMV pos, PCIpos,TMS, pos systemm,odm pos, oem pos, sunmi pos, fiscal pos, portable cash register, handheld cash register, telpo tps900, cash register 5.0, intelligent cash register, point of sales 5.0. 2017-8-13
ECR for Mobile Payment in Shops, Windows or Android? Developing along with the mobile Internet, Our payment way also changes more cashless, with e-wallet. In retail, catering, identification and finance industries, people used to pay by cash while now they just need use their smart phones to scan and pay. The spring of mobile payment is an opportunity as well as a challenge to the off-line merchants, especially those high-frequency consumption industries, like catering, shops and malls, etc. How should we face the new payment need of consumers? How to create quick and convenient cashier scene? Which type of smart cash registers do we need, Android or Windows? Nowadays, Windows and Android based smart cash registers is found out in the markets. But for the shop keepers, some may not know which system is more suitable. Here we Telpo will give a brief introduction. Both Windows and Android cash registers can support multi-stores, cashiers and terminalsadaptation, and also support WeChat Pay, AliPay as well as all Visa/Master card payment. As the cost of hardware investment is not very high, they are popular in all kinds of small retails and catering shops, finance and O2O service industries, as a perceptional and systematic On/Off line cashier solution. However, more and more merchants prefer Android OS intelligent cash registers nowadays. Compared with Windows, why Android ECR is more adorable? Configuration Request To run Windows OS, the host requires higher parameters, while Android OS can run well in the hardware of simpler parameters. Moreover, in the same configuration environment, Android OS runs much better. Reliability The Android Cash register usually can connect to Cloud platform, which possesses data multi-protection mechanism. It can effectively make sure the safety of data. As long as a merchant’s account exists, the data can be inquired. Nevertheless, some Windows based software is not authorized edition. Due to the riskof itbeingaccessed, it may destroy merchants’ data integrity. Operation The operation of Android ECR is simple. If the ECR is installed with Android cashier software, the shop keeper can just need to login. It reduces a lot of operation time so the training cost can be also reduced. The operation of Windows OS ECR is relatively complicated. Staff may need more time to adapt themselves to the interfaces. It may create longer training time and higher cost. Information Update In the past days, to update some information of goods of the web, we need to rearrange through opening the backend of the web page. At present, if using Android ECR, you just need to touch the screen and update the info directly with Android app. As our Telpo Management System(TMS), Merchants can download and upgrade the Apk or app online. and they can arrange their business and adjust sales strategy in time based on the promotion feedback. Above all, with more and more intelligence, humanity and individuation, Android ECR is a much quicker and easier cashier management solution to merchants. Keywords: ECR, Electronic Cash register, mobile payment, retail payment,smart Cash register, intelligent cash register, Shop cash register, supermarket cash register, android cash register, android cashier, windows cash register, windows cash machine, cash register operations, TMS, Management system, payment cash register, fiscal cash register AMP POSBANK FEC Aclas AIBAO Sunmi Zonerich Long View TYSSO 2017-8-8
Are you worried about your business tax controlled solution applying? If so, you are not alone. Are you worried about your business tax control solution applying? If so, you are not alone. But, Telpo can help. We have integrated hundreds of thousands of tax control modules with Telpo POS in dozens of countries. For government’s technique communication we are experienced in it. For software integrator, we have abundant experiences in ODM solutions. For end user, we could provide excellent user experience and easy maintenance. We could save much more money in your business establishment and expanding. "Our sole mission is to provide tax-control hardware ODM solutions, help software integration and business expanding smoother and easier." Our star product, TPS570 is well popular among the fiscal control business project, for competitive prize, mezzo and easy-using size, and enough space which can integrate required tax-control modules. TPS570, with quad-core high-performance CPU, have an elegant appearance, and simple but powerful functions, 58mm thermal printer and NFC functions. For communication, TPS570 supports 2G/3G frequency, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, adaptive with different kind of web entry. Also it could provide USB host ports, accessible with many peripheral devices. Telpo could provide the technique support, software developing package and fast ODM designing and experienced after-sale service. TPS570 could work well integrated with the tax-control module. The device could get the merchant’s real accounting and sales information and dispose them in the module and feed back to tax department server, reducing the possibility of tax evasion. Keyword:tax control solution, fiscal module, fiscal memory, fiscal system, fiscal pos, tax control system,,telpo TPS570,Telpo ODM,Telpo TMS, cash register 5.0, cash register smart terminal 2017-8-3
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