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 Telpo: Open a new world for the Belt and Road with innovations
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The Belt and Road of our country has great significance and profound influence around the world. The Chinese dream is made up of thousands of city dreams, family dreams and personal dreams. The Belt and Road brings opportunities to each city, each region and its people.fiscal management and control fiscal management fiscal electronic cash register

Through the Belt and Road, countries establish close cooperation between the virtuous circle, and ultimately promote the sustainable development of urban countries. The Belt and Road is essentially an international area economy, Trough communications and contacts, the regional innovation will be triggered in the near future. Telpo will increase the intensity of innovation, constantly develop more high quality affordable POS machine. fiscal devices fiscal device fiscal deficit india

Since 1999,Telpo has provided personalized customization services to more than 1,000 customers, committed to catering and retail, financial payment, identification and other industries, customized for mobile POS machines, Android POS machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines and other smart hardware industry solutions. As our latest Pos Cash register TPS650 with superior performance, fashion and elegant design, has repeatedly won the industry design award.


At present, the POS machines is not saturated in the less developed countries, especially in the line of “the Belt and Road”, some of the less developed countries, the industrial development is not perfect. They need to be developed and eager to enjoy more convenient payment, biometrics, voting, electronic instruments, etc. Telpo is able to bring the technology and product solutions to these places and help them solve the problem.

Under the Belt and Road international situation, Telpo will cooperate with more preeminent international partners, making our effort together to create a sound and healthy international development environment, so as to push the development of global POS technology.

We pride ourselves on high product quality combined with excellent customer service to offer reliable and innovative solutions for all applications. We constantly develop and add products to our range, thus improving the offering of adhesive products to suit all customer requirements.

If you require any further information or have a bespoke product or application you would like to discuss, please contact our expert team on +86-757-86227898 or

Please stay tuned to Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November.

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