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 MWCS2017: Telpo POS machines was attrative in Mobile Financial
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June 28th, the annual Asia Mobile World Congress (MWCS) 2017•Shanghai was successfully held in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The theme of the congress is “The Human Element”. It comprehensively shows the “black technology”, products and cool applications in the mobile communication industry. As one of the leading mobile POS terminals enterprises in China POS industry and the significant innovator for Smart POS devices, Telpo took part in MWCS17, the whole three-day grand event.

During the congress, the representative of the People's Bank of China expounded that finance service industry should further open up to outside, and only the pressure and force from competition mechanism can bring out the progress and prosperity to finance industry. This point has created a heated discussion in the participants. It is doubtless that Technology Finance can do a huge favor for the future development of Internet Finance, with the evidences from those practical applications of integrating science and technology to finance industry, like Big Data Credit Reporting and Risk Management, Biometric Identification technology in payment, anti-fraud application, as well as real-time update, reconciliation, and synchronization of data in block chain technology. tax control transfer tax control system tax control services

Meanwhile, every industry should realize the innovation in an opening-up environment, and based on this, to achieve integrated development of enterprises. Taking this opportunity, Telpo introduced TPS900 to the public. TPS900, a Smart touch screen financial POS, with its powerful functions and modern fashionable outlook, drew lots of customers’ attention and inquiry.


Telpo TPS900 is EMV & PCI certified, which meet the world security standard. And it benefits for those who need to do payment, such as in restaurant, supermarket, retail shops, bank, clubs or anywhere else. It can realize the e-ticket verification quickly, and it does not cause long waiting time and crowd stranded situation.

As the leading manufacturer of POS machines, Telpo is specialize in mobile POS machines, cash register machines, desktop POS terminals, QR code terminals, bar code terminals, visitor registration machines, etc. And  Telpo can provide payment, election and other POS customization and solutions.


“The Human Element” — In future, Telpo will keep the leading technology and focus on innovation, to become an excellent Chinese brand in communication and mobile internet industry.

Please stay tuned to Telpo. Also look forward to meeting you at France Cartes Exhibition in November.

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