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 Telpo Biometric Device Hit on Connect:ID 2018
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connectid2018 telpo biometric device
From Apr. 30th to May 2nd, 2018, Connect:ID, the fully-integrated, free-to-visit exhibition take place in the spectacular Walter E. Washington Convention, it brings together the leading technology and solution providers focused on identity technologies – including biometrics, secure credentials, and mobile digital identity systems.

biometrics secure system


The full range of biometric technologies and associated infrastructure and hardware - including mobile units - is on display at connect:ID. And it provides a comprehensive showcase of products and services for the manufacture, personalization, supply and verification of smart, secure credentials.

Connect:ID showcase all the latest digital identity management solutions and trends, as well as associated architecture.

Telpo / Booth 214

connect:id expo 2018 telpo biometric device biometric system

As one of the governing units of the “China Biometrics Technology Innovation Industry Alliance”, Telpo has gained recognition and support from many domestic counterparts with its own experience and strong strength, and has jointly piloted the development of China’s biometric technology industry. At this exhibition, Telpo International team also brought biometric identification POS exhibitions, such as TPS360\TPS450\TPS900 etc.

5-Inch Biometric POS with Fingerprint reader

connect:id 2018 telpo tps360 biometric pos with fingerprint

TPS463 Biometric Facial Recognition Terminal

connect:id 2018 telpo tps463 Face recognition terminal biometric pos

TPS450 Android Biometric Tablet POS with Iris Scanner

connect:id 2018 telpo tps450 eye scanner terminal biometric pos

 Large collection range for security registration

connect:id 2018 telpo tps900 Biometric paymant terminal biometric pos

We Telpo really got plenty harvest in the event,Telpo realized that domestic companies must strengthen communication and cooperation, promote industrial technological progress, and promote the biometric industrial chain to the harmonious development of health. At the same time, relying on the ability of innovation among members, exchange experience and technology, reduce the risk and cost of enterprise innovation, and promote cooperation and common progress across the industry.

connect:id 2018 telpo biometric solution android

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