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 Paris Equipmag Expo: Telpo Cash Registers Attract the European Retailers
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 Paris Equipmag Expo telpo

Paris Equipmag Expo, a 3 day event, took place from Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 September 2018 at the Paris Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. As the one of main important exhibition of the Paris Retail Week, Equipmag Expo 2018 has attracted over 800 participating companies and 40,000 retail professionals from all over the world. Telpo, as the smart retail POS terminal manufacturer, showed the new cash register series and cashier system demo in this annual big event.

During the show, European retail and e-commerce professionals explored the theme of the Smart Phygital concept of the global agile retail ecosystem.

Arrival of the ‘Phygital era’

“Retailers are experts in organic revolution. From brick-and-mortar to pure players, not to mention m- and s-commerce, retailers have shown their unfailing sense of adaptation”, the organization said. “And retail today is smart. It learns from and grasps the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence to continuously improve the customer experience. It has (at last!) married off- and on-line retail and now heralds the arrival of the Phygital era.”

Equipmag Expo Telpo cash register

Participating companies presented new retail solutions, services and products to professionals in the sector, within the following key areas:

• IT for Commerce
• Retail Tech / Digital in Store
• Layout / Equipment
• Payment solutions
• Marketing, Data and Customer Relations
• Logistics, e-logistics and Supply Chain

telpo cash register Equipmag expo 2018

Telpo also unveiled our latest smart retail cashier system and retail cash register series, including TPS650, TPS685, TPS688, TPS680 and more. Let’s check out the Telpo's latest smart terminal products.

TPS650  RK3399 face recognition smart cash register

smart retail cash register machine tps650 telpo

TPS655+ Face Recognition is a bold attempt by Telpo. Telpo itself has research and development of biometric technology, and successfully combines the high-performance RK3399 chip with biometric face recognition, which is the first in China. This allows the cash register to have both high performance speeds and intelligent upgrades to the new retail consumer experience. This time, the first appearance at the equipmag exhibition abroad, has been the interest of many customers.

telpo equipmag show

A visitor inquired about Telpo cash register machine.

TPS685 Slim business cash register machine

smart cash register machine  for retail store tps685

Compared with the traditional cash register on the market, Telpo cash register TPS685 adopts a streamlined integrated design, which supports the whole fuselage with only one bracket. It has strong performance basing on Octa-core CPU with LED digital customer display to display real-time unit price, changes and make payment. With multiple stable external ports, it is very easy to extend functions and applications.

TPS688 Elegant and Stylish Single Screen Cash Register

retail smart cash register machine tps688

Telpo cash register TPS688 uses aluminum alloy base design combined with human facial and sitting features, like a simplified robot curve shape and neutralized the toughness of metal. Equipped with industrial grade motherboard RK3368, it is truly a perfect combination of light body, high performance and low power consumption.

TPS700 Smart Self-service Kiosk Machine

smart cash register machine kiosk tps700 telpo

Unmanned Retail system is a hot pot. Many customers are curious about the Telpo TPS700. Telpo TPS700 is a smart self-service kiosk which can be applied for food order, self-service registration, hotel check-in, and etc. It has a 21.5-inch touch screen with 180-degree full-view visual range, so it can free from the influence of light and dark environment to display clearly. It supports barcode and QR code at the same time, scanning can be done within one second to realize NFC/QR code payment. And it supports infrared sensing, face recognition payment and high-speed thermal printing, etc.

retail expo cash register machine telpo

As a new member of the Equipmag Retail Exhibition in France, Telpo has attracted many visitors to consult and discuss. I really appreciate the support of every visitor.

At this exhibition, the main focus is on smart retail, unmanned self-service terminals, Internet of Things, AI, robot waiters and other topics. It can be seen that the future smart retail system embodies the interaction between people and machines, and the repeated and cumbersome processes will be gradually optimized and reconstructed by smart devices.

Equipmag Retail Exhibition Telpo

As a manufacturer of smart terminals, Telpo will work harder to provide smarter retail products. As we mentioned, “Smart retail, easy business.”

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Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks,lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations.Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers,tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. 



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