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 CCTV: Smart Cash Register Helps The Campus Smart Canteen Upgrade
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School Canteen - Smart cash register helps the campus canteen upgrade

Recently, CCTV (the China Central Television) reported on the "smart canteen" in colleges and universities. The school's dining hall uses intelligent hardware devices to greatly optimize canteen service and reduce food waste. 

The smart cash register terminal manufactured by the Telpo ODM project

The smart cash register terminal manufactured by the Telpo ODM project helped the intelligent upgrading of the school cafeteria.

How smart the canteen is?

self-selected self-help window for students- smart canteen with smart cash register

The smart window is a self-selected self-help window for students. It can precise pricing for any component of the price, such as a teaspoon of food. Students can mix dishes according to their needs. 

self-selected self-help window for students- smart canteen with smart cash register

According to Li Yanhong, Director of Logistics Management Division of Tianjin Polytechnic University, “The weight ratio of the leftovers to the school after the introduction of the ‘mart Canteen Management system’. It has been reduced by 50% in the past." It has greatly saved food.

What is reported in CCTV is our smart cash register-TPS613 and TPS660.

smart cash register TPS613 touchscreen dual display

TPS613 is a cashier terminal with unique design, small size and full-featured. The dual 11.6-inch screen brings the same experience between operators and customers. Dual touch and dual camera functions are optional. This can realize the function of interaction order between students and dining hall staff. 

TPS660 A SMART ecr Terminals

TPS660 was also introduced in the video. TPS660 is an android Cash register with integrated barcode scanner and NFC reader. Students can pay for the meal via NFC cards, Wechat pay, Alipay. Payment becomes convenient and hygienic.


The Smart Canteen is being popularized in offices, schools, factories and so on. Intelligent ordering equipment and Smart management system make the canteen's ordering more self-help, simple, safe and sanitary.

 smart cashier terminal smart e-scale smart canteen devices smart canteen terminals

Telpo can provide a one-stop solution for a smart canteen system. Telpo can customizes the production of intelligent electronic scales, smart cash registers, to help your new dining hall. 

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