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 When The POS Machine Cannot Brush The Card, How To Fix It?
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Today, a customer asked me about how to fix when the POS machine cannot brush the card. If you encounter the same situation, how to fix it?

First, if the POS machine cannot brush the card suddenly, maybe the SIM card arrears. If the SIM card is normal but still cannot swipe the card, you can take the SIM card to re-adjust and then re-boot.

In fact, what the more troublesome is the software problem. Not long ago, there was a piece of news. Several merchants also appeared the problem that POS machine cannot swipe cards and show the terminal illegally used. Therefore, they found the agents of the pos terminals. But the agents had been missing. They cannot get back the deposit eventually. 

Most of this situation: POS machine has been closed and cannot be used. The main reason is that, the application of the machine information is too simple, or the procedures is not regular, or agents to provide false information.

Now the brand of POS machine is dazzling, however, agents apply for point of sale devices are not so strict as before. Instead, they will take the initiative to looking for merchants to deal with the POS. So, we should stay awake in this time.

It’s suggest that if we need the POS machines, as far as possible choose the high-quality and well-known agents. They have a clear quality assurance and after-sales service staff to follow up. Terminals encountered problems can be resolved quickly.

Selling is not just the end, service is the beginning of sales.

As a manufacturer of POS machines for 10 years, Telpo will undergo strict quality control before shipment, such as drop testing, dust testing, and so on.We are committed to provide one-year warranty. If the machine problems, our sales and product managers will promptly follow up and give a solution.Telpo's terminal has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and has undertook a number of international projects.Telpo's POS machine is worth your trust.

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