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 What Telpo Face Recognition Can Do?
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Have you rushed out home and forgot the keys? How frustrated when you are locked out of the house? 


Try keyless solution—facial recognition terminal! Telpo facial recognition terminal TPS980 can help you solve this problem easily. No key, No card, just your face! 

android facial recognition machine telpo tps980

But how the face recognition works and is it safe?

Facial recognition systems start by looking for people faces when observing a moving scene or image. Once the system finds an image, it will adjust the image by resizing the image to clearly view a face. The system will then observe the physical layout of the face, such as the shape of the face, location of the eyes, nose and mouth. It will use this layout information to build a template for that face. Once the template has been created, the system will then compare it to the templates that have been enrolled into the system to attempt to identify a person.

android facial recognition reader the face features telpo tps980

Since the face recognition system uses a very high number of identification points, it is very accurate. Face identification disrupts the form of cheating with is common when you have a less accurate systems like fingerprint readers.

hotel self service facial recognition and registration machine telpo cash register machine tps650

With the development, facial recognition technology has been widely associated with the security sector and there is active expansion into other industries including ID identification, time and attendance, payment and so on.

Have you meet this scene: waiting long queue for ID identification or time and attendance?

Android face recognition and authentication machine TPS980

With the facial recognition terminal, it can shorten the time and improve the efficiency. Telpo TPS980 facial recognition terminal identify the face within 400MS

High-speed operation keeps persons away from long queue. 

And for payment, online shopping and contactless cards are just two examples that demonstrate the seamlessness of purchases. With Face recognition tech, however, customers wouldn’t even need their cards. 

fingerprint payment terminals tps900

There are more and more implementations of facial recognition technology in different industries. Telpo biometrics face recognition device can fulfill more functions according to client’s practical use. 

Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. 

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