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 Amazon Go Opens Second Store in Seattle, Moving Omni-channel Retailing Concept
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Amazon opened its second Amazon Go cashier-less C-store at the foot of an office building in its hometown of Seattle, moving the Omni-channel Retailing concept beyond its corporate campus.

Amazon GO the Omni-channel Retailing concept beyond its corporate campus.

Customers download the Amazon Go app on their mobile device and scan an app upon entering the Amazon go store. The staff will guide customers at the gate. They then proceed to shop, but don’t have to check out when exiting.

amazon c store omni channel retailing POS

Instead, the store uses cameras and sensors on shelves, as well as a computer vision system, to scan the items consumers purchase and automatically charge them to the shoppers’ Amazon accounts. It is undoubtedly incredible shopping experience for customers with its innovative and self-serviced high technology.  Maybe the technology of Amazon Go cannot copy, but this new retail concept ---Omni-channel Retailing can apply to the world.

omni channel retailing POS

What’s Omni-channel Retailing?

omni channel retailing POS

According the internet, Omni-channel Retailing is a fully-integrated approach to commerce that provides shoppers a unified experience across online and offline channels. True omni-channel shopping extends from real stores to mobile-browsing, ecommerce marketplaces, onsite storefronts, social media, etc.

Take back Amazon as an example. Started as a mature e-commerce platform, Amazon Membership has its privilege to launch the takeaway delivery service. By acquiring Whole Food to promote Amazon Go and spreading Treasure Truck for mobile sales service, Amazon takes these offline initiatives to drive consumers' word-of-mouth effect, attracting more people to join Prime Membership, to achieve the Online Merge Offline (omni-channel) sales.

In China, the Omni-channel Retailing is also in a booming stage, easily accepted by Chinese customers, like Meituan, the largest takeaway food ordering and delivery platform. Many-ecommerce companies, like Tmall, Jingdong, and so on, also promote their self-service retail stores to brick-and-mortar locations.

omni channel retailing POS


To expend Omni-channel Retailing concept, the most important points are cloud data through internet and the smart terminals. Telpo had the opportunity to cooperate with Meituan, made a commitment to push this new retail concept by providing our smart cash registers TPS680, TPS688 and TPS700.


Moreover, Telpo are already armed to join this new retail trends all over the world with its high quality products and mature technical team, providing new retail solution.

 Telpo Retail POS Supplie Family POS


Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks,lottery operators, technique companies and even governments organizations.Telpo devote itself to international rating class banks, lottery centers,tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices, restaurants, retails and many other customizations for different industries. 



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