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Desktop POS
TPS575 Dual Screen Desktop Smart POS with Barcode Scanner
Application: Fiscal accounting / Restaurant / Retail / Electronic tickets / Visitor registration / Lottery

Smart POS TPS575 stay the low-cost price and reliable quality, but added the software decoding camera and small dot-matrix LCD, which for showing customer information...
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TPS520 10-Inch Android All-in-one Desktop Pos Terminal

Applications:Payment / Restaurant / Small shop / Member management / accounting modules fiscal control systems

TPS520 is an all-in one powerful smart pos terminal with10-inch high-definition screen,simple design and elegant.With 3G/4G module and basic function ...   what is fiscal data

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TPS570 7-inch Android Tablet POS Terminal with printer Application:fiscal accounting / Voting / Electronic tickets / Membership management / Visitor registration / Lottery financial ccounting system

TPS570, is a simple but eleglant smart POS terminal.With high-speed printer and multi-support NFC reader, It is applied in many fields, like lottery, loyalty program ... tax control in france
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TPS590 80mm Printer Desktop POS Device with Keypad Application:Identification / Voting / Electronic tickets / 2D barcode / Membership management / Visitor registration / Lottery/FN module  statewide financial system Sales tax return

TPS590 is a stable and reliable smart terminal with 80mm printer...
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TPS550 Compact All-in-one Desktop POS with Keypad Antenna Application:Tax control services / Voting / Electronic tickets / 2D barcode / Membership management / Visitor registration / Lottery

TPS550 is a stable and reliable smart terminal, which is much more than just a point of sale. All the business-building features are able to be found in TPS550. As the most classic...    uniform accounting system
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TPS580 8-inch screen Android POS with Customer Display Printer Application:Fiscal Module / 2D barcode / Membership management / Visitor registration / Lottery / Supermarket / Stores

Introducing Telpo’s hottest desktop payment terminal yet, TPS580 comes with multiple connectivity options and an 8-inch color touch screen. TPS580 enables merchants everywhere ...   cash register software for pc
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TPS586 Android Based Online Order TPV POS Application:Fiscal receipt / Stores / Membership management / Electronic tickets / Lottery / Supermarket fiscal management 

TPV POS TPS586 is designed in the form of compact and fashionable factor. The 8-inch color touch screen, wide choice of connectivity options and built-in NFC...  tax control uk
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TPS510 10 Inch Touch Screen POS System with Printer NFC Application: Voting / Electronic tickets / 2D barcode / Membership management / Visitor registration / Lottery / Fiscal POS/ 

Touch Screen POS TPS510 is the most multifunctional terminal on the market, enabling it to accept a wide variety of payment types. A large touch screen, an intuitive interface, and the rich...  fiscal memory
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