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2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum

Dec. 11, 2017

2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum

On 9th December, the "2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum" sponsored by Guangdong Telepower was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. 

Since 2015, Telpo has been hosting two "Intelligent Hardware Summit Forums" consecutively with over 1,000 staff members involved in intelligent hardware-related industries. This is a grand meeting for academic and application exchange, gathering the big guys in the industry.

2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum

At this time, many heavyweight guests participated in and delivered wonderful speeches, including the leaders of relevant ministries, outstanding industry representatives, well-known experts and scholars, as well as overseas partners. With the theme of "Intelligent Eco-customizing the Future", this forum provided in-depth analysis of the application and development trend of AI (artificial intelligence) and intelligent hardware in new retail, smart finance3.0, smart catering, smart security and O2O industries. Besides, It provides a platform for cooperation and exchange, discussing how intelligent hardware can be customized efficiently, in order to create a mutual benefit eco-smart system.

2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum

At the summit, Mr. He, the chairman of Telpo, addressed a speech on "Smart Ecology, Customizing the Future". He macroscopically elaborated the smart hardware on ecological environment and pointed out the route and direction of Telpo Customization+, giving a good start to the forum on various aspects of intelligence.

Telpo is a leading intelligent hardware supplier in China.

2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum

Artificial intelligence is one of the most concern topics about "Smart" in recent year. In response, Prof. Li Xiaodong of the School of Intelligent Engineering of China University of Science and Technology delivered a speech entitled "Automation in the Smart Age" and Professor Liu Yi from the Guangzhou University of the Arts in the Intelligent Engineering Design Studio. Professor Liu published a speech entitled "Artificial Intelligence: Remodeling to Experience the Business Value of Economy". Guest in the forum, had a more profound understanding, especially artificial intelligence.

What are the real smart applications in the field of intelligence? Invited guests focused on smart applications also started a speech. Among them, Liu Chaoyang, director of Micro-Marketing Department, delivered a speech entitled "Application of Intelligent Hardware Solution" by Li Yongsheng, Vice President of SIMCOM, and delivered a speech "Application of Intelligent Module in the Internet of Things" Human progress. " The wonderful sharing of these three guests is the most concerned about the current intelligent applications, such as things, artificial intelligence, etc., not only allows guests to understand the field of intelligent applications, but also learned the powerful advantages of intelligent applications.

2017 Telpo Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum guess


At this point, Telpo 2017 Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum concluded successfully. As a festival of the intelligent hardware industry, all the participants in this forum expressed their great success. In particular, they have gained a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the application of intelligent hardware and artificial intelligence in all key areas. Together to build a more intelligent future, Telpo 2018 welcome you!

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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional smart terminals' provider, covering the Android (POS) terminals, cash register, facial recognition machines, self-service kiosk, bus ticketing machines. Telpo has served for more than 1000 customers abroad, including the platform operators, banks, biological algorithm company, operators, technology companies and even governments organizations. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, in order to provide more smart terminals for global partners.

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