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4 Ways Portable POS Can Help Elevate Your Restaurant

Nov. 06, 2019

Have you ever noticed that a portable POS into day to day business will improve operational efficiency, boost sales and optimize customer experience? Proper use of portable POS will bring unexpected benefits to the restaurant.

4 Ways Portable POS Can Help Elevate Your Restaurant

Here’s what a portable POS can do for your restaurant:


1. Obtain More Orders With Mobility And Flexibility

As servers are not restricted at the counter and can complete an order with a portable POS everywhere, they can get out on the floor and do some line-busting during busy periods. Short queuing time and faster serving time will help you increase more sales.


2. Reduce Order Errors And Expedite Satisfactions

Taking orders through portable POS will increase your restaurant’s speed of service. Customers no longer need to wait for the server to write the order down and transfer it to the kitchen which illegible handwriting may cause order errors. Order taken by portable POS can directly transfer to the kitchen for preparation with a digital receipt. Getting orders prepared correctly the first time is essential for customer satisfaction and retention.

 4 Ways Portable POS Can Help Elevate Your Restaurant

3. Ensure Payment Success Even In Bad Signal

Payment is the last and crucial step in the dining. Customers may change their payment habits with the ongoing changeable payment methods. And a portable POS integrates various payment ways together and compatible Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth such communications will ensure payment success even in a bad signal. High quality of customer service that your diners expect should be upheld regardless of the signal condition.


4. Scale Up as Your Restaurant Grows

Incorporating portable POS in your restaurant enables you to scale as the business grows. As your restaurant grows or at busy seasons and periods, you can easily accommodate the demand by installing or changing the application at the portable POS. And it can provide customizable service and comprehensive data according to the operational requirement such as promotional activity and loyalty programs.


4 Ways Portable POS Can Help Elevate Your Restaurant

Portable POS for the restaurant is cost-effective and versatile, empowering your restaurant to serve more customers and make more sales. And you should reasonably choose a portable POS that matches your restaurant scale and demand. Telpo professional terminal team could offer you practical advice.


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