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5G Is Coming, Intelligent Security System Take a New Step

Jan. 14, 2020

It is reported that a community installed an intelligent security system and no theft from that on. The circumstance reminded me that the core of artificial intelligence is to make people have a better life and AI defines new security.

5G Is Coming, Intelligent Security System Take a New Step

In the AI era, the security intelligence system is inevitable. What is intelligent security? Comparing with traditional security, what are the advantages of intelligent security? And what help will 5G bring to intelligent security scene?


Intelligent Security Will Be More Science

Experts said that the intelligent security system is not merely referred to face recognition but the ability to understand and judge the things that it can see. When people need to register or visit at some places, the security screen will automatically appear those people close-up photos and relevant information without they face directly to the camera. When there is violent behavior, the system will successfully detect it and send out an alarm.

5G Is Coming, Intelligent Security System Take a New Step

In the future, intelligent security will combine the technology and experience of multivariate data and comprehensive analysis to predict the upcoming behavior, achieving prevention in advance. However, traditional security only has recognition function while intelligent security is more science with recognition, understand and thinking ability.

5G Makes Intelligent Security Work Faster

5G and AI both are innovative technologies that can change the times. 5G with large broadband, high speed, and low delay feature can provide more impetus to AI application scenarios. Intelligent security in smart cities is one example. 5G makes intelligent security work faster.

5G Is Coming, Intelligent Security System Take a New Step

Nowadays, many things in smart cities are only connected at a shallow level, but the application of 5G technology able to connect all the sensors related to security and make the smart cities truly ground. For the security industry, the 5G technology can not only obtain real-time massive node data of various dimensions but also integrate with AI to analyze those data in the cloud center, so as to facilitate more effective and timely security prevention.

Intelligent Security Defines New Security

Nowadays, Telpo face terminal can be seen everywhere such as face access control in the community, face payment in the subway and face attendance in the company, protecting people's safety every time. The better products will always keep up with era, Telpo specially designed some biometric products for frontier, police and banks and other industries that have higher requirement on security identification technology.

Just as the ultimate goal of AI is to make the world better, the vision of Telpo is providing a more secure terminal to the intelligent security industry and create a safer society with the help of AI technology.

5G Is Coming, Intelligent Security System Take a New Step

New technology brings greater convenience and challenges. Security is always the core. In the future, Telpo will continue to improve its own scientific research capabilities, creating a more high-quality terminal combine with intelligent security technology, escorting people's safety.

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