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Self-Service Security Check and Temperature Testing Enhance Airport Quarantine

Feb. 20, 2020

Nowadays, many countries are using an infrared thermometer to check the temperatures of arriving airline passengers and adopt precautionary quarantine procedures in response to the ongoing novel coronavirus that appears successively around the world.

Airports self-service security check Enhance Prevention with Infrared Thermometer

As a heavy human traffic and public gathering place, airports may welcome and contact virus carriers unconsciously, thus it is essential for the airport to identify people and check their body temperature in advance in order to protect more people's lives and health. That's the reason why many airports adopt a thermal detection device at the checkpoints.


The face recognition terminal combined with temperature measurement function will greatly enhance defense to airport quarantine.

Nowadays, the airport has gradually opened self-service security checkpoints. At the self-service security checkpoint, passengers can conduct one-to-one close range body temperature detection by themselves, which can better check their physical condition and reduce human contact. And Telpo faces recognition temperature measurement solution integrates infrared camera, face recognition terminal, infrared thermography algorithm and Telpo Cloud data platform, which can help airports rapidly conduct passenger identification, temperature detection, and big data statistical analysis.

Self-Service Security Check and Temperature Testing Enhance Airport Quarantine

The accuracy of recognition is what airport primary concern and Telpo face recognition terminal able to achieve above 99.5% face recognition accuracy as it adopts dual-lens camera and liveness detection function. Importantly, Telpo optimizes and upgrades the mask model in order to successfully identify people with a mask and adopt an infrared camera to support temperature measurement based on the current environment of fighting against the epidemic.

High face recognition accuracy and efficient mask detection, Telpo face recognition temperature enable quick and accurately identifies personnel, improves the passage efficiency and guarantees passenger life and health. 


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