Seven Smart Applications Of Facial Recognition Scanner You Should Know


Drivenby the continuous development of the biometrics and artificial intelligence,facial recognition scanner is increasingly applied at all walks of life. Inthis article, we will introduce seven smart applications of facial recognitionscanners in today smart IoT era.

Offices Face Recognition Scanner

Face Recognition Scanner Telpo F10 is used in offices

1. Smart Finance

Inthe financial industry, both traditional and new internet financial institutions treat the facial recognition scanner or facial recognition systemas the innovative and convenient services that they would provide to thecustomers. From the self-service kiosk, counter system, to mobile finance andmarketing, face payment, face identity verification, remote loan, or opening abank amount with the face can be seen.

2. Smart Business

Thebusiness intelligence analysis is the purpose for using facial recognition scanners.In physical commerce, AI-based accurate marketing has become the new growthpoint. In virtue of the excellent ability to recognize and generalize facialfeatures empowered by visual technology, facial recognition scanners cananalyze customers’ gender, age, mood, and other features that merchantsrequire. Given this, merchants can provide corresponding content to the targetcustomers, stimulus their shopping enthusiasm, and achieve accuratemarketing and revenue growth.

3. Smart Public Security

Inthe public security field, facial recognition scanners or facial recognition systems will be used at illegal personnel registration, network tracking,suspect identity comparison and verification, criminal investigation, social stability, etc. The facial image comparison system makes police have rapididentification, and easy to search and retrieve the identity of a specificperson in a large number of databases. With the unique characteristic, itgreatly speeds up the process of suspect identification and forms a highlyintelligent, socialized, and large-scale public security defense system.

4. Smart Social Security

Forseniors, facial recognition scanners can help them ensure the security of thebasic pension fund and prevent others from falsely claim as their own. The human witnesscomparison is a great example. The face recognition scanner will capture anindividual’s facial features, compare them with the ID card information andthen judge whether the information is matched. With the unique characteristics,the face recognition scanner is able to accurately and quickly verify insuredidentity, reduce the loopholes of insurance payment, and prevent insurancefraud and fraudulent claims to the maximum extent.

5. Smart Security Check

Nowadays, airports, railway stations, and other transportation scenes have adopted facial recognition systems and facial recognition scanners to assist inspection operations. When a passenger reaches the waiting hall, the facial recognition scanner will capture his facial feature and compare it with his ID card to identify his identity. If the information is inconsistent with the holder, the system will activate the alarm and hint security personnel to recheck. All the data will be recorded as important evidence and stored in the database for follow-up tracing.

6. Smart City

With the continuous development of human society, cities will carry more population in the future. Given this, a smart city is required in a bid to achieve sustainable urban development. Under such circumstances, the structured storage, analysis, and excavation of information and the structured cloud recognition and storage of facial recognition systems are crucial. Combining the high-speed data transmission chain and structured data selection, the face information big data can create more value in the smart city.

7. SmartPrison

There is no doubt that a prison isa special place where requires stringent access control management. And facial recognition scanners can satisfy this demand. In virtue of the facial recognition technology, everyone, no matter the family member, lawyer, or other related public officials will check and verify his identity at the entrance of the prison. Only the qualified personnel that meet the visitation requirements own the permit and enter the prison.

In this way, it can prevent theescape of prisoners, stop the illegal entry of outsiders, control prohibiteditems bring in or out and create an intelligent and all-around prison accesscontrol management system.

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