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What Are The IOT Application Areas Of Smart Handheld Terminal?

Nov. 25, 2020

With the increasing development and application of IoT technology, more and more smart handheld terminals emerge on the market. Attribute to portable, economical, and practical features, and functions include real-time data collection and display, automatic storage and transmission, handheld terminals constantly change and optimize people's work forms and workflow.


Nowadays, handheld terminals are popular and widely used in many industries. Today, let’s have a look at some application areas.


                                              What Are The Application Areas Of Smart Handheld Terminal?cid=96

Warehouse Smart Handheld terminal TPS450


Warehouse Management: Mobile Terminal for good date collection


Using a handheld terminal automatically scans the barcode, it is conducive to storage, outbound, inventory of the warehouse goods without record by hand. Fast data collection and online transmission will be made in a high efficiency, which is suitable for all kinds of factories, enterprises warehouse, transit warehouse, etc.


What Are The Application Areas Of Smart Handheld Terminal?cid=96

Smart Handheld terminal S8


Logistics Delivery: Handheld terminal for sorting


Receiving, sorting, distributing, dispatching and other work of express can be achieved by the handheld terminal, which will improve operation speed, reduce the error rate, cost of manpower, material resources and time.


Smart Point-of-sale Handheld Terminal TPS320

Smart Point-of-sale Handheld Terminal TPS320


Retail: Point of sale handheld terminal

As a terminal device for data collection and data interaction, the store can conduct price, inventory inquiry, shopping guide, sales and other work with the help of handheld terminals. Customers' demands can be responded in time and improve store shopping experience.


Biometric Identification Smart Handheld Terminal TPS360

Biometric Identification Smart Handheld Terminal TPS360


Mobile Enforcement: Wireless E-Document Recognition

Law enforcement departments can utilize wireless communication technologies, photo-taking, GPS positioning, document recognition, information query, and other functions of handheld terminals to improve their working efficiency.


Ticketing Smart Handheld Terminal

Ticketing Smart Handheld Terminal TPS900


Ticket Check: Automatic terminal identification and verification of tickets

Integrating 1D/2D and RFID technology, the handheld terminal can match with the ticketing system, inspection system, and achieve the automatic identification and verification of tickets. It can be used in the collection and inspection of all kinds of tickets for theatres, tourist attractions, concerts, exhibitions and competitions.


As a smart terminal and solution provider with 21-year experience, Telpo able to provide all kinds of handheld terminals based on actual demand. If you want to know more details, welcome to visit our official website and contact us.

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