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Biometric Security Technology Guarantees Public Safety

Mar. 16, 2020

Biometric update.com, a biometric industry authority website, reporting that biometric security technology is a big win for public safety at public events such as the super bowl. In fact, police had already used biometric security technology to judge whether the audience was mixing with suspected criminals at super bowl held in Florida in 2001.

Biometric Security Technology Guarantees Public Safety

Why is biometric security technology so important at big events? That's own to large-scale security control events is first reflected in venue security. In order to prevent criminals from hiding around the audience, strict identification must be carried out before entering the site. The past security method is mainly relying on the security guards to judge the audience's identification, which will easily cause card multi-purpose, loss or steal problem, failing to guarantee public security.


In addition to the security inspection at the venue entrance, large events also need to carry out reasonable division and control of the audience area, work area, and competition area. In the past, the zoning control mainly depended on the manual verification and maintenance of security personnel with lower efficiency and security. At the 2016 UEFA Champions League final, a young man pretended as a working staff to slip into the VIP area and took photos with Madrid players at the end, exposing a huge breach in traditional security.


However, face recognition technology, as one kind of biometric security technology is based on people's facial features to conduct personnel biometric verification, which owns unique and hard to forge advantages. Compared with manual verification, biometric verification is more accurate and efficient. Besides, face recognition technology has helped Chinese police catch suspects at a celebrity concert.

Biometric Security Technology Guarantees Public Safety

Earlier, in the marathon held in China, Telpo facial recognition terminals TPS650 were applied to the identity runners’ verification. Telpo facial recognition terminals were able to quickly and smoothly sign in at the race by virtue of its mature fingerprint recognition and facial recognition technology, which significantly save the workload and queuing time and ensure the orderly progress of the event. Its powerful communication function also guarantees the outdoor place has a free network, and able to connect the network to compare the identity information.


Biometric security technology covers more and more scenarios, including voting, election and identity verification and so on. With the further development of technology, biometric security technology will better guarantee public safety in the future.


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