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Can we check temperature on wrist? Are wrist thermometers accurate?

Aug. 01, 2020

Under the epidemic, infrared thermometers were put to great use. When entering and leaving residential areas, shopping malls, office buildings, bus stations, and vegetable markets, there are people who hold up a gun-shaped thermometer and operate it on the wrist or forehead. Is it accurate to take the temperature of the wrist with an infrared thermometer? Why do some people test the wrist, forehead, neck, and other parts, which part of the data is more accurate?

 Can we check temperature on wrist? Are wrist thermometers accurate?cid=96

What is the principle of infrared human body temperature measurement?

Almost any object emits infrared rays, and the amount of energy contained in it is directly related to the temperature of the object. The non-contact infrared thermometer checks the temperature by reading the thermal radiation on the human surface. It is mapped to the internal temperature of the human body through the temperature measurement algorithm. When the temperature checker is holding the gun-shaped temperature checking device to measure your forehead or wrist, the sensor in the temperature gun can quickly measure the temperature of the skin based on the infrared energy emitted by the body.

The advantage is 1. Avoid cross-infection (without touching the test subject's body) 2. The temperature measurement speed is fast, so it is especially suitable for screening people with fever symptoms in places with a large flow of people, safe and fast.

Can we check temperature on wrist? Are wrist thermometers accurate?cid=96

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Can we check temperature on wrist? Are wrist thermometers accurate?

Because the wrists and forehead are exposed without any cover or protection, the temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature. For example, if the temperature is only 5°C in winter, the temperature of the forehead is only about 30°C when standing outdoors. The wrist and neck are covered by clothing, which is less affected by the ambient temperature.


Therefore, the infrared forehead thermometer is used to test the wrist and neck. "There is no problem with this operation. Outdoors, the data of measuring the wrist may be better than The forehead measurement is more accurate."

Body surface thermometers such as wrists and foreheads are not only vulnerable to ambient temperature but also covered by the subject's hair, sweat, grease, and dirt, which will also affect the reliability of the forehead thermometer.

Can we check temperature on wrist? Are wrist thermometers accurate?cid=96

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Therefore, the wrist and forehead measuring instrument as a quick and safe temperature measurement method can only measure the general temperature of the subject, but to obtain more accurate results, it is best to use a mercury thermometer or an electronic thermometer for detection. If the value is higher than normal, you need to go to the fever clinic of the hospital for medical treatment.

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