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China And Africa Cooperate To Develop Face Recognition Technology

Aug. 28, 2018


Two months ago, A Chinese technology and the Zimbabwe government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou. The technology company is going to develop a national database for Zimbabwe and provide face recognition technology and equipment in the areas of public transportation, public safety, education, and finance.


The technology company said that the current cooperation between the two parties is still in the database stage. The previous database is mostly Asian faces. It also needs to collect and train data on blackface data and the local lighting environment in Zimbabwe, due to the overall informationization of Zimbabwe. 

The construction is relatively backward. Some information, such as resident information, has not been made into electronic files by government departments. Therefore, the offline collection is required in some areas, and software and hardware preparation take time.

The technology company also said that according to Zimbabwe's current informationization situation, the database is expected to be one year to one and a half years, and the specific project landing will also depend on the progress.


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