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China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?

Oct. 10, 2020

The eight-day Golden Week holidays from October 1st to 8th 2020 made China attracted 637 million domestic tourists, and generated 467 billion yuan ($68.79 billion) revenue, according to the data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?

The happy vibe and scale of China's golden week not only manifests China's success in fighting against the virus and long-anticipated economic recovery but also draws a stark comparison between parts of the world, where the daily death toll is still up and infections are rampant.     


People might wonder about the magic of the golden week and the reason is hidden in China's economic recovery and prevention control. Hard-working people, advanced high-tech, and smart terminal accounts for some impetus functions.


Contactless Temperature Measurement, Ensure Safe Environment


Security is still the major factor effects personnel go travel at the post-pandemic stage. But for now, Chinese holidaymakers no more extreme fear virus, given by China nearly close to zero local transmission and strictest prevention measures. In public places including scenic spots, restaurants, hotels, stations, supermarkets, cinemas, etc, temperature measurement terminals are installed to ensure a safe and healthy environment from the source.

China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?


In virtue of infrared thermography + visual identification + big data and other technologies, Telpo contactless temperature measurement terminal TPS980G even enables tourists to contactless detect temperature, identity identification, and synchronously upload data. Voice broadcast, indicator light display, high-temperature alarm, and alert email give quick response to effective prevention and track. 


Self-checkout, Reduce Queuing


Queuing is undoubtedly the most headache issue tourists faced on holidays. No matter in restaurant, supermarket or shopping mall, self-checkout kiosk, self-checkout cash register, and barcode scanner are successively introduced because they can effective solve queuing issues and warmly embraced and accepted by China’s shoppers.

China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?

Data also shows that Telpo 27-inch self-checkout kiosk TPS781 helped Burger King store increase three times order efficiency for it supports self-service ordering, dish recommendation, scan and go, facial payment, receipt printing, and so on functions. The comfortable and pleasant dining experience stimulate tourists to make further repurchase and increase store revenue.


Face Recognition Check-in, Improve Efficiently  


There is no doubt that a hotel is a place where people certainly will reach and have a break. China holidaymakers are increasingly check-in with just a turn of their heads as the country embraces facial technology, no longer gather at the hotel lobby.   

China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?


In virtue of smart face devices like Telpo face recognition terminal TPS680 and Telpo face check-in kiosk TPS717, simplified check-in procedure, and improved check-in efficiency can be done. Besides, hotels can clearly understand member information includes health record and service requirements by platform data, further provide more personalized and intimate services to the VIP members.


China Golden Week Attracted 600 Million People, What Is The Magic Of It?


In conclusion, effective prevention control, high-tech and smart devices include face recognition, temperature measurement, scan and go, self-checkout, etc are the magic hidden in China golden week. If you want to know more cutting-edge tech and new product, welcome to join in Telpo new product launch at every Wednesday in October.


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