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Citi Field Introduces Face Ticket Checking and Fingerprint Payment

Oct. 28, 2019

Recent, the New York Mets installed a smart self-service cash register at its Citi Field, allowing fans to buy beer and snacks by biometric ID and speed up payment speed.


The self-service cash register adopts fingerprint payment and deducts the corresponding fee from the bound credit card. Fans can take away the goods after they complete payment. It is worth mentioning that the legal drinking age in the United States is 21 years old. It is hard to judge whether the buyers reach the legal drinking age by scanning or cash payment. Binding the personally information will be easier to verify buyers’ age. In this respect, smiling to pay is a wonderful way to verify identity.


Earlier this season, Citi Field also piloted a face recognition ticket checking service, allowing fans to use their faces as tickets to enter the court and speed up ticket verification speed.


In fact, Brazil also use face recognition technology for ticket checking in the Americas Cup. Aiming to ensure the security of the court and prevent suspects or noisy fans will cause disturbance, people need to verify their identification with their faces at the entrance.


This year, more than 26,000 spectators entered the stadium in an orderly and chaotic manner through the smart self-service ticket checking machine in the DOTA2 international invitational tournament held in China.


TPS715_self service kiosk.jpg

Telpo smart self-service ticket machine used in the stadium can support face recognition, QR-code scanning and ticket printing and so on. It can make sure taking the ticket within 2-3 seconds, which greatly improve the speed of the ticket collection and maintain stadium order to a certain extent. In addition, it can also provide information inquiry service and more humanized interactive experience as smart ticket machine for large-scale events and competitions.


Face recognition can be used in various scenarios, including face payment, face attendance, face access control, identity recognition and so on. With the further development of technology, the application prospect of face recognition will be broader in the future.


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