How Does A Delivery POS Benefit Your Business?


More consumers prefer curbside pickup and takeout rather than on-site dining nowadays, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. A smart restaurant operator should have followed the trend and started delivery services. In this process, a qualified and suitable delivery POS plays a critical role.
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What benefits can a delivery POS bring?

More payment options for curbside pickup and delivery.

The basic function of a POS terminal is to accept payments. A delivery POS that supports multiple payments, such as smart cards, NFC cards, QR codes, digital wallets, etc. can offer rich checkout choices to customers. High-quality service and delicious food are delivered to customers at the same time.
Food delivery POS

Better membership marketing.

Compared to the customers who seating in your restaurants, it seems more difficult to conduct membership marketing to customers preferring takeout. With a moblie delivery POS able to verify e-vouchers and e-gift cards, you can send coupons and incentives to off-premises diners through e-mails and verify when delivering the food, to enhance their loyalty.
Food delivery POS

More simple operations.

A reliable handheld delivery POS saves many complex steps of operations. Restaurant operators and staff can directly modify menus and prices on the mobile POS. It’s worth mentioning that some delivery POS terminals are able to plan delivery routing and zoning so that the delivery drivers won’t get lost or arrive late.

More reliable marketing decisions with critical data. The delivery POS can keep accurate track of every order.

Operators can clearly know the inventory and top-sale products from the reports generated automatically. From the reliable report, you can be more familiar with customer behaviors and make a more accurate marketing strategy.

With a delivery POS, both customers and restaurant operators can enjoy lots of benefits. Telpo mobile POS terminals are your best choices to be the delivery POS hardware. Telpo has a variety of POS terminals and they are easy to integrate with most existing POS systems. Their compact and delicate appearance also makes them easy to carry and play a greater role.

 handheld delivery POS M1
 handheld delivery POS M1

Mobile delivery POS, Telpo M1
Excellent Performance: Android 11 OS + Qualcomm 2.0Ghz Quad-core processor.
Light-weighted: 6-inch touch screen+ 17mm thickness.
Quick print: 58mm wide thermal printer with 80mm/s printing speed, for label, receipt, web page, BT and ESC POS printing.
Long battery life: 18W fast charging with intelligent battery protection, 65% charged in 0.5 hours.

Mini POS for delivery P8
Mini POS for delivery , Telpo P8
Compact design and high performance: 5-inch screen + Android 10 OS.
Multi-payment options: MSR cards, NFC cards, QR codes, digital wallets, etc.
High-security certification standards: PCI, EMV L1&L2, EMV Contactless L1, Paywave, Paypass, Rupay, TQM, CE
Full connections: LTE, WCDMA, GRPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
Delivery POS system

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