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Eco-Friendly POS Equipment Protect Natural Environment

Mar. 21, 2020

On March 11, 2020, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a regular press conference in Geneva declared that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic and called for countries to take urgent and aggressive action. This unexpected pandemic push people further think about the relation between human and nature.


In fact, the concept of protecting the natural environment has long been in people's minds. And this concept also gives birth to a host of excellent eco-friendly equipment. March 21 is World Forest Day, so let's talk about some best eco-friendly equipment.


ePrice Tag, Saving Paper From The Source


ePrice Tag, also known as Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), is an electronic display device with information sending and receiving function. The ePrice Tag is mainly connected to the mall's computer database via wired or wireless network, and display the latest product information in the ePrice Tag screen to replace traditional paper price tag. Up to 10 years’ service life can effectively improve the utilization rate of price tags and reduce enterprise consumables. It is mainly used for displaying price information in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other scenes.

Eco-Friendly POS Equipment


Refuse Sorting Terminal, Mobilizing Environmental Protection Enthusiasm


Refuse sorting is conducive to reducing land occupation, environmental pollution and turn waste into treasure. It is understood that a ton of waste plastic can be recycled 600 kg of diesel and recycle 1500 tons of waste paper will save trees from being cut down to produce 1200 tons of paper. Adopting eco-friendly smart equipment to obtain refuse sorting points will mobilize the public's enthusiasm for environmental protection in a more direct way.


Just like Telpo eco-friendly refuse to sort terminal TPS530, which supports obtain points via QR code scanning and voice broadcasting. Citizens only need to place their physical card QR code or electronic QR code at the scanning window, and then they can obtain correspondingly refuse sorting points. And they can use these points to exchange a variety of daily necessities and small gifts in the gift mall. In virtue of eco-friendly refuse sorting terminal to promote smart garbage classification policy and environmental protection return preferential, greatly mobilize citizen environment protection enthusiasm and reduce urban garbage.

Eco-Friendly retail resort POS Equipment


Eco-Friendly Equipment, Protecting Natural Environment


Eco-Friendly equipment uses AI tech and mobile payment technology to improve a large amounts of paper using in restaurant menus, bank documents, and police archives. Telpo eco-friendly equipment C1 exactly adopts voice ordering mode to save paper and uses face payment to replace cash payment, which promotes a cashless society process, reduces trees cut down the requirement to some extent and protect the natural environment. Moreover, eco-friendly equipment conforms to environmental protection standard, and green printing scheme improves traditional printing chip and other restrictions. Green printing better saves paper.

 Eco-Friendly POS Equipment Protect Natural Environment

Telpo C1 Cash Register

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