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Enterprise Biometric Identification Access Control Solution

Jun. 17, 2020

Recently, Telpo held a live webinar and introduced its thermometry family products, mentioning a host of contactless thermal temperature measuring terminal and biometric identification solutions.

Telpo Thermometry Family Enterprise Biometric Identification Solution

There is no doubt that the pandemic pushes contactless thermal temperature measuring terminal to enter public view, but its actual value can more than people's expectation. For better give play to its great value and better identify its application, Telpo thermometry family products can be divided into different scenes. And today, we will show you the enterprise biometric identification solution.


Attendance & Access Control


Telpo Thermometry Family Enterprise Biometric Identification Solution

1) Multi-mode Verification: Support face, NFC card, QR code verification methods. Relevant information can be input directly at the terminal or management platform, including name, photo, working number, and so on.


2) Unified Management: The Telpo Face management platform can upload face information to the designated attendance and access control terminal for unified maintenance and upgrade.


3) Information Record: When personnel go through everywhere equipped with the terminal, no matter floor, office area or conference room, their access information will be recorded to the management platform.


4) Temperature Detection: Normal body temperature threshold can be set in advance. People can enter with successful identity comparison and normal temperature. Otherwise, the alarm will be activated and abnormal administrators will receive the high-temperature email.


Visitor Registration

Telpo Thermometry Family Enterprise Biometric Identification Solution

1) Appointment: Visitors can make an appointment in advance. After authorization, visitors can directly enter the company by identifying their face information or scan the visitor QR code.


2) Identity Comparison and Temperature Detection: Visitors shall make identity comparison and temperature detection with the visitor registration terminal at the reception desk. After a successful identity, they can enter the company.


3) Leave: Visitors need to logout info and their relevant authorization will be invalid.


4) Visitor Information Record: Visitor records are automatically uploaded to the platform, and administrators can view the visitor information at the platform.


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Company Introduction: Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution. Based on the rich and successful ODM experiences, Telpo satisfies customers in both the technology and business field.

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