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Gaokao: Telpo 'Face Scanning' Biometric Smart Terminal Used To Prevent Gaokao Cheats

Jun. 12, 2018

When the Gaokao was conducted. On June 7th, It went to the Annual China National College Entrance Examination again, which was hailed as one-way tickets for Chinese students to destiny.

Biometric Smart Terminal

Telpo's Smart biometric terminal TPS450 was applied to the smart college entrance examination. The 2018 college entrance exam had ushered in a technical reform. For the first time, the examination room in many places in China had used high-tech "face scanning" technology to verify the identity of the examinees and invigilator's teacher. It made every effort to crack down on cheating in the college entrance examination to ensure fairness in the "Gaokao". 

Biometric Smart Terminal

It has been reported that proxy is very prominent and someone else writing the paper on predetermined of. The Telpo TPS450 introduced can be checked by registering all applicants' faces or fingerprints and crosschecking using facial recognition scannerr in the examination hall.

Biometric Smart Terminal

This year's each examination room need to use a special examination system to verify the identity of the invigilator teachers tip ID card sign; Candidates in the examination room, "reading ID card" and " Scanning face" to verify the identity. 

In other words, after accepting the metal detector to check the illegal items, the examiner must also accept the "double" authentication before the exam, first read the ID card, and then scan his face. 

After passing the facial verification, everyone will be asked to enter the seat and the "double ID card" (Candidate certificate and id card)will be placed on the side of the examination table near the walkway for the future check. There is a huge database of the exam entrance exam authentication system, which collects the identity information and registration information of the candidates in the province.

The introduction of this examination system can effectively solve the problem of the "Ghostwriting" in the college entrance examination and improve the identification and verification of candidates.

What is the process going to look like? Here are some tips:

Biometric Smart Terminal

1.  Reading your id card. Please stick your id card in the specified area,the opposite side of the front are arbitrary, pay attention not to handshake ok!

Biometric Smart Terminal

2.  Look straight at the exam board screen. It is taking and comparing with your photos! The exam board will compare your id photo, the photo of your college entrance exam registration and the photo of the exam room at the moment.

3. If the comparison is successful, the verification is passed, and you can go to your seat to prepare for the exam.

Biometric Smart Terminal

Telpo is a leading manufacturer of Smart terminal for face recognition. The face recognition terminal adopts infrared binocular camera. The intelligent POS TPS450 combines face recognition and fingerprint recognition and other biological recognition functions, which provides highly efficient and intelligent authentication.

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Biometric Smart Terminal
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