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Face Payment Sprouts In Korea

Aug. 09, 2019

Face payment is gradually popularized in Korea nowadays. Shinhan Card, a Korean cards company has started running a facial recognition-based payment system at the cafeteria, coffee shop and CU convenience store inside the company's headquarters building, The Korean Times reported yesterday.


Face Payment Sprouts In Korea

A Korean Cards company starts running a facial recognition-based payment system.

As we all know, South Korea is a state of ceremonies. Koreans emphasize the supremacy of etiquette and even regard good appearances represent culture and refinement. Therefore, beauty filter is an indispensable function when they start playing with faces.


Fortunately, the concept of customers first is firmly rooted in the mind of Telpo. As the top one global face terminal supplier, Telpo can add the beauty filter at its face payment terminal TPS980, ensuring the perfect appearance of everyone. 


Face Payment Sprouts In Korea

Face Recognition Terminal Telpo TPS980 

Furthermore, adding a beauty filter will not affect the accuracy of face payment. As the intelligent AI, facial recognition algorithm used in facial recognition-based payment system will transform the face information into a series of digital codes, not the face images.


In order to further guarantee the retail security, Telpo face recognition terminal TPS980 adopts 3D depth-sensing camera to collect that information. It will effectively recognize the face according to the depth of face, the concision of eyes and the height of nose such 3D information, rather than the amount of blush and skin tone.

 Face Payment Sprouts In Korea

In addition, Telpo has opened an offline deep learning algorithm to support the offline recognition of 10,000 faces. Therefore, what people should do just register their credit card information and taking photos of their faces by using facial recognition terminal TPS980. After successful register, they can make purchases without credit cards or mobile phones, just using their faces.


Face Payment Sprouts In Korea


There is no doubt that facial recognition payment is the most innovative payment method nowadays. It can be widely used in a retail store, supermarket, fast food restaurant, hotel and so on. New experience and superior value will be offered to people by improving the convenience and security of payment.


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