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Face Payment VS Scanning Code Payment, What Are The Advantages?

Sep. 06, 2019

Face payment means that consumers can complete payment by scanning their faces once they bind their face information and account. As face recognition technology continues to improve and driven by Wechat and Alipay, face payment is becoming a new trend. So what are the advantages of smiling to pay compared with scanning QR-code?

Face Payment VS Scanning Payment, What Are The Advantages?cid=96


Face payment operation is more convenient


Smiling to pay can guarantee consumer transaction and shopping successfully even though his mobile phone signal is weak or his phone is suddenly broken. The 3D structured light camera is widely used in face terminal devices today with an accuracy rate of 99.9%, ensuring the security of users' accounts. The appearance of face payment is also a good thing for the elderly and children. Scanning code payment requires elder and children to operate their mobile phone which might be difficult for them and even have security risks. Face payment can effectively eliminate such a problem, and the payment can be completed by simply looking at the camera.

Face Payment VS Scanning Payment, What Are The Advantages?cid=96

Face terminal helps merchant marketing


Face payment can be customized to set up advertising content and display business activities or other content. Businesses can also receive third-party advertising as so to enhance advertising fee. In addition, merchants can use face terminal device to conduct targeted marketing to customers, issuing shopping vouchers and gift bags. Consumers who register as members through the face terminal can enjoy membership discount once they smile to pay.


In addition, merchants can obtain consumers' consumption information through background data, which is convenient for them to promote different products according to different consumers' types. Combing online data and offline service can make a more advanced marketing mode and conduct a host of marketing actions.

Face Payment VS Scanning Payment, What Are The Advantages?cid=96


Smiling to pay is more consumer-friendly


The operation of smiling to pay is faster, reducing the queuing time of consumers and improving their consumption experience. Biometrics make payments more secure, thus consumers need not worry about their account being stolen. With the development of 5G technology, the safety factor will continue to improve. In addition, consumers can also enjoy a variety of preferential services provided by businesses as long as they pay by faces.

Face Payment VS Scanning Payment, What Are The Advantages?cid=96


To sum up, face payment is convenient to operate and conductive to marketing and improving the shopping experience, which makes it more popular among merchants and consumers. At present, the deployment of face payment ecology will further promote the development of face payment.


As the top one face payment terminal provider, Telpo has already provided face terminal devices and various customized services for stations, parking lots, hotels, cinemas, F&B retail stores and so on scenes. From now on, Telpo will deeply expand various scenes and develop more face recognition products, aiming to provide more convenient services for people.


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Face Payment VS Scanning Payment, What Are The Advantages?cid=96


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