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Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Feb. 05, 2019

In January 2019, China's Jinhua City tried to pay for the bus fare with face recognition which caused a sensation in the industry. Based on the “金华行” (Chinese character) APP, the user can “free the hands” by binding the “bus cloud card” and opening the face recognition function in the APP to realize the face recognition payment on the bus. The bus cloud card requires the user to submit personal identification information and photos for identity authentication, and bind the bank card for balance refilling.

At the same time, Shanghai's artificial intelligence double-decker tour bus which uses face recognition technology to automatically bus ticketing are also being put into use.

Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

 A face recognition machine is used on the Shanghai tour bus.

Recognize and pay the bill with the passenger's face in 1 second, after the passenger's face is aligned with the face recognition camera of the bus terminal.


The pace of smart public transportation is accelerating.

Chinese governments and enterprises are pushing the face recognition technology to elevate the public transportation system --"smart transportation”. “Alibaba”, “Tencent”, “Suning” and other Chinese BAT have also cross-cutting developed smart city public transportation systems. As the main biometric technology, face recognition technology gradually enters the public transportation intelligent system.

 Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Face capture.

Since 2017, China's multi-high-speed rail has gradually launched face recognition check-in which the passengers have scanned the faces and compared with the ID card photos directly.


Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Face recognition is used in the high-speed rail station.

In December 2017, Shanghai Shentong Metro cooperated with Alibaba and Ant Financial to develop a number of technologies, such as voice ticketing, face check-in, and AI passenger flow analysis. Entering the prototype development stage, the future will be gradually applied to the Shanghai Metro.

Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Face recognition is used in the Shanghai Metro.

In June 2018, Guangzhou Yangchengtong Company tested the face in the Guangzhou BRT station. During the pilot process, the interference of darkness, sunshine, fluorescent lights, and other light was successfully overcome. Entering the metro station is not only identifying by the "Yangchengtong" card (the public transport card in Guangzhou) or QR code but also the face recognition can be successfully accepted. The transaction took 3 seconds.

Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Face recognition technology brings more secure and convenient access.

In July 2018, Chongqing Traffic Investment Group said that it is expected to face new types of payment methods such as face recognition in some rail transit pilots during the year. In August, Shenzhen Metro, together with Tencent and "Guardian" Express, jointly released a “Biometric + Credit Payment” subway ticketing system solution with biometrics and non-inductive payment functions.

In August 2018, the railway station in Ningbo used the face recognition to enter the station. Passengers did not need to take paper tickets. After the verification, the gates were automatically opened. The whole process took less than 5 seconds. Passengers enter the station four times faster.

Why focus on the development of biometric bus payment terminals?

1. Different from other biometric technologies, face recognition is natural, non-contact, and non-mandatory. The human face is natural and relatively stable. There is no need to make direct contact with the machine, and fingerprints, etc. are the opposite. In contrast, face recognition is faster and more efficient.


Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Telpo TPS980 can detect and recognize the human faces even in darkness.

2. Face recognition technology has developed rapidly in the field of retail and payment in China, and the technology is relatively mature. Relying on mature technology and perfect hardware and software equipment, it is a good time for the popularity of face recognition technology. The development of intelligence in public transportation and medical care is further slower than in other fields. Citizens hope that the public transportation system can be further developed.

3. China is building a smart city. Public transportation is one of the most important parts of daily life. The popularization of face recognition to the public transportation system will be of great significance. The combination of the face recognition system and the public transport system can not only improve the intelligent security system, preventing dangerous personnel from disrupting public order but also strengthen the credit reporting system and improve an individual's integrity and morality.


Smart terminals that combine biometrics such as voice recognition and face recognition are gradually being applied to large-scale consumer environments such as payment, retail, catering, and medical. The urban public transportation face recognition system has been delayed in commercial use. It can be seen that there are many difficulties in solving the problem. The intelligent development of China's mobile transportation is worth looking forward to.

Face Recognition is Used in the Chinese Public Bus System

Telpo TPS530

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