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Beijing Daxing International Airport Face Recognition Passengers Security System

Oct. 03, 2019

Face Recognition Passengers System Help Beijing Daxing International Airport Security

On September 26, the Beijing Daxing International Airport and its “Intelligent Passenger Security System” using facial recognition technology were officially put into use. Known as the world's third-ranked international airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, it adopts the latest advanced facial recognition security equipment to automatically complete identity validation and faces information matching to ensure passengers have valid IDs and tickets efficiently.

Face Recognition Passengers System Help Beijing Daxing International Airport Security


Passengers entering the airport do not need to present their ID card and the boarding pass. Once the passenger has come and follows the prompts of the “intelligent passage security system” to register the face ID. And then, put the second-generation ID card on the equipment and look at the screen. After 1 second, the person will complete the face recognition registration.


If the face registration is successful, you can purchase the ticket, check-in, boarding, and other processes. The face recognition system not only saves half of the registration time for passengers but also greatly improves the security of the airport!

 Face Recognition Passengers System Help Beijing Daxing International Airport Security

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