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Face Recognition Powers Access Control System To Upgrade Intelligently

Dec. 28, 2018

ai Face Recognition Access Control System

In this new era of encouraging innovation and progress, artificial intelligence (AI) has received unprecedented attention. As its influence continues to expand, the applications associated with it continue to appear in people's daily lives. Among them, what is closely related to people's life is the access control system based on face recognition technology.

Face Recognition Powers Access Control System To Upgrade Intelligently

At present, the widely used access control system works by tapping contactless card. The residents have to carry an access control card with them when entering and leaving the gate. Once the card is lost, the subsequent compensation procedure is very cumbersome. Of course, fingerprint recognition also occupies a large part of the access control system. 

Face Recognition Powers Access Control System To Upgrade Intelligently

Compared with the access control card, fingerprint recognition is indeed a big improvement. However, when we encounter fingerprints are broken, stained with water, dust, or fingerprints are too shallow, we may not be able to open the door because the device can not recognize them.

Face Recognition Powers Access Control System To Upgrade Intelligently

In the case of poor user experience from traditional access control systems, the face recognition access control system has become popular and has become a new choice for security management of buildings. Face recognition technology is a popular technology of artificial intelligence. It has the advantages of uniqueness, non-contact, non-mandatory, and concurrency. It is just right for the access control system. The face recognition access control system uses the facial features of the person to complete the identity verification, avoiding direct contact between the human body and the machine. 

image.png image.png

Users registered through face information will be automatically captured the real-time facial image and compared with information stored in the backend server as soon as they pass the system. 

Telpo artificial intelligence Face recognition terminal, like the TPS980, can be integrated with face and fingerprint recognition, contactless card reader. 


Although face recognition access control has not yet been widely popularized, with the advancement of technology and the pace of building smart cities, the popularity of face recognition access control systems has gradually increased. The face recognition complied with artificial intelligence will provide more surprise.

Telpo is a professional developer and manufacturer of biometric devices which includes face recognition terminals. If you have any demands for artificial intelligence, please contact us! 

Face Recognition Powers Access Control System To Upgrade Intelligently

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Brief Introduction: Founded in 1999, Telpo is a professional smart terminals' provider and ODM service expert, covering the point-of-sale (POS) terminals, biometric fingerprint device, face recognition device, self-service kiosk, etc. Telpo has served for over 1000 customers abroad, including the platform operators, banks, software vendor, association, technology companies and even governments organizations. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, in order to provide more intelligent hardware for global partners.

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