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FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System

Nov. 10, 2020

Facial thermometry access control, as an emerging smart prevention device has widely been used in all walks of life in virtue of its unique features and scene solutions.


Telpo facial thermometry access control system is able to achieve a highly accurate screening of user body temperature with up to ±0.3 accuracy for safety and peace of mind. It is well recognized by the market with its multiple functions.


Today, we collect the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and hope you could have a better understanding of facial thermography access control solution.


FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System


What Is Facial Thermometry Access Control System?


Telpo facial thermometry access control system comprises a full suite of integrated temperature screening solution in a single device. In virtue of face recognition and infrared thermography technology, it can achieve automatic contactless temperature screening and identity identification.


What Are The Advantages Of Facial Thermometry Access Control System?


Equipped with a wide dynamic HD dual-lens camera, full-in light and indicator light, Telpo facial thermography access control system can adapt to harsh environments such as weak light, bright backlight, etc. With the features of contactless detection, high safety factor, fast speed, accurate identification and cloud management, it greatly convenient access control and epidemic prevention management.

How Temperature Access Control Terminal Improve Company Anti-epidemic Efficiency 

What Is The Working Principle Of Facial Thermometry Access Control System?


By means of image fusion technology, it can accurately match visible images and infrared images. Combing optimize recognition algorithm based on mask-wearing status, detect effective area temperature, screen abnormal temperature personnel and reduce cross-infection risk can be done. Besides, with the help of visible spectrum, infrared spectrum, face detection, face locate, mask detection and so on functions, it can achieve smart and safe epidemic prevention monitoring.

What Factors Should Be Considered In Choosing Access Control Terminal?

FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System

TPS950T supports Face and Mask automatically detection

Can It Support Employee Attendance?


Telpo facial thermography access control system supports face/ NFC/ QR code attendance. When employees successfully identify themselves with their faces or employee card, and temperature detection is normal, their attendance status, temperature data, and in and out times will be recorded automatically. The administrator can directly upload the attendance data through a single device or export it to the platform.  


FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System

TPS950T supports contactless authentications, such as Face ID, RFID card, QR code, mobile Bluetooth, etc.


Is It Available To Detect Temperature Or Recognize Identity When People Is Wearing A Mask?


Based on the original face recognition access control device, the Telpo R&D team upgraded relevant technologies. Up to now, Telpo facial thermography products can identify personnel even they wear masks, and achieve accurate face recognition and temperature detection with up to 99.5% accuracy. Meanwhile, if someone is detected not wearing a mask, it can notice people to wear it. 

Is It Available To Recognize People While Wearing Mask?

What should Notice In Daily Use?


First, the stability of the device should be ensured, and do not move or adjust it at will.

Second, it is better to do a good job in sunshade, waterproof, which will ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement and extend device service life.

Third, people's body temperature will be affected by sport, health, environment, etc, thus personnel should remove hat or other obstacles and make forehead temperature stable with the ambient temperature.

FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System

What Are The Function Features Of Telpo Facial Thermography Access Control Solution?


Telpo supports customize facial thermography access control solutions based on customer demand. An one-stop anti-pandemic solution include face recognition+ access control+ attendance+ mask detection+ data statistics +multi-language+ mask alert+ abnormal temperature alert and so on functions. It can satisfy multiple daily requirements and scene applications.


FAQs | Something about Facial Thermometry Access Control System

Tips for selecting Telpo temperature screening and access control equipment

If you have more questions, welcome to visit our official website and directly contact us.


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