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Four Highlights Should Not Be Missed At the Taipei ComputeX 2018

Jun. 10, 2018


COMPUTEX 2018, the Taipei International Computer Exhibition came on the stage from 5th to 9th June. The theme of Computex is "building a global ecosystem", gathering thousands of industry experts and providers from more than 150 countries and regions. Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, AMD, NVIDIA and other international giants are also on the scene.


The exhibition hall is divided into six themes: artificial intelligence and robotics, 5G, the blockchain, Internet of things, innovation and entrepreneurship, e-sports and virtual reality.

The AI theme area remains hugely popular. NVIDIA's founders said: "AI is the most powerful technology force of our time. In the first stage, AI will achieve a new level of software automation, which will help many industries improve their productivity. After that, artificial intelligence, combined with sensors and actuators, will become the core of the new generation of autonomous machines. One day, billions of smart machines will be used in manufacturing, home delivery services, warehousing, and logistics.

Let's take a look at the most innovation highlights of this exhibition:


Qualcomm officially released Snapdragon 850 at the Qualcomm exhibition. According to the introduction, compared with Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 850, the performance improved by 30%, the battery life increased by 20%, and the speed of 4G LTE increased by 20%. The processor to the tablet can automatically locate put pen to paper, full records will be handwritten screen outside of the content on the intelligent terminal equipment of 3 d input technology, including ordinary paper or other media.


Qualcomm's application on the tablet

5G Mobile Network


5G mobile network is currently a very hot topic of science and technology, is expected in the second half of this year there will be some 5G phone prototype, so during the Computex, will introduce 5G as a brand new exhibition theme, we can see about 5G application scenario for the future, say, telemedicine, mobile phone download speed simulation experience, etc., as the telecommunications giant Qualcomm also launched this is suitable for mobile communications, the Internet of things and IoV the application of new hardware and technology.

Asus Hardware

As Taiwan's local hardware provider, Asus, in addition to the laptop, also launch self-study smartphone “ZenFone” and intelligent robot “Zenbo Qrobot”, which can be widely used in business intelligence, innovation, education, healthcare, etc.


ASUS intelligent robot “Zenbo Qrobot”

Telpo Provider

In the field of the Internet of things, consumer-grade products are developing and popularizing rapidly. From smart gateways and electric lights to smart appliances, they have become very common products. With the increasing consumption power in China and the high penetration rate of mobile payment, diversified and multi-functional intelligent consumer cashier settlement terminals have also become the fierce market field in China.


As a representative of the intelligent hardware industry-leading domestic enterprises, Telpo this exhibition, to compete with numerous international industry partners, also shows the intelligent cashier 5.0 products series, including Telpo TPS900 intelligent POS machine, the latest smart cash register TPS680 and TPS680, attract the attention of many visitors, and information to know.


In this exhibition, we have seen the evolution and progress of much intelligent hardware and technology, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the motivation and wisdom of our continuous pursuit of progress and innovation.

Telpo Smart POS Leader!


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Brief Introduction: Founded in 1999, Telpo is a professional smart terminals' provider and ODM service expert, covering the point-of-sale (POS) terminals, biometric fingerprint devices, face recognition devices, self-service kiosk, etc. Telpo has served for over 1000 customers abroad, including platform operators, banks, software vendors, associations, technology companies and even government organizations. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, in order to provide more intelligent hardware for global partners.

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