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Handheld Terminal Good to Improve Store Commodity Management

Jun. 08, 2021

Managing retail commodity inventory often requires long hours and can result in costly errors. The expert believed that a handheld terminal for commodity management can better obtain stocked merchandise and then assist stores to make scientific decisions and operations.


Handheld Terminal Good to Improve Store Commodity Management


What is commodity management?


Commodity management is one of the most important links in the store operation. It includes the management of commodity safety, goods sales analysis, commodity inventory and goods orders, and so on. 


l  Commodity safety management. That means the store should carefully check the number and product quality and try to solve the problem immediately.

l  Commodity inventory management. Inventory management should be systematic and unified.

l  Goods sales analysis. Based on sales situation and market demand, the store should replenish the best-selling products or similar replacement products, and return, exchange or make promotions for unsalable products.

l  Goods ordering management. The reasonable and scientific ordering can drive inventory digestion and promote the sales of the quarter. 


Why handheld terminal is good for commodity management?


As a tool of data acquisition and data interaction, the handheld POS terminals could timely upload, transmit and feedback information by reading commodity information of barcode or RFID tag. With the feature of portable and compact, the handheld terminal is convenient for various mobile applications. It plays an important role in the management of shopping malls, warehouses, and distribution, which greatly improves the efficiency of commodity management.


What is the application of the handheld terminal used in commodity management?


l  Commodity Storage. Staff can use the handheld terminal to confirm the commodity with the supplier and scan the barcode of the commodity to obtain the item, quantity, origin, and other information. Commodity information will be sent and saved to the backstage database.


l  Commodity Shows. Staff can check, renew and print label tags of a commodity through the handheld terminal. In this way, it is good to keep the whole and real information, reduce the mistakes. In addition, staff can use the handy POS terminal to record the information, reduce the labor intensity, and further improve accuracy and efficiency.


l  Commodity Sales In virtue of the handheld terminal, staff can check the details about the commodity, such as price, type, stock, discount by scanning the commodity barcode.


How to choose the handheld terminal for commodity management?


Handheld Terminal Good to Improve Store Commodity Management



If you require choosing commodity management, you can take configuration, operating system, acquisition function, battery life, appearance design, after-sales service, etc into consideration. Take Telpo's latest handheld terminal M1 as an example.


l  Basic configuration+ Operating system: The industry-leading Android 11 OS, Qualcomm 2.0 GHz Quad-core processor, and large capacity empower the mobile POS faster running, stronger compatibility, and smoother operation.


l  Acquisition function: Equipped with professional hard decoding and Telpo self-developed scanning technology, the mobile POS M1 can help staff quickly and accurately recognize all types of barcodes (1D/2D).


l  Battery life: 20W fast charging with intelligent battery protection technology make the mobile POS owns longer battery life, which can better ensure constant working during commodity management.


l  Quick Print: With an advanced thermal printer with 80mm/s printing speed, the mobile POS can support the label, receipt, web page, BT, ESC POS printing. Thus, staff can print all kinds of content during the process of commodity management.


l  Appearance design: The slender shape with 16mm thickness accord with ergonomic and provide a more comfortable experience. It can effectively reduce wrist work and ensure a long time using without fatigue.


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