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Happy Teacher's Day | Smart Device Make School Management Easier

Sep. 10, 2020

10th. Sept is Teacher’s Day in China. As China made effective control in epidemic prevention, students of all ages successively go back to school. On this special day, admit and respect teachers’ values and reduce their burden are the best gift.


In the era of high-tech and the Internet, smart devices will undoubtedly make school management easier. As a leading smart terminal& solution partner, Telpo can provide a host of products and relevant solutions to reduce teachers’ burden and promote smart school development.


Smart Temperature Detection

Smart Temperature Device, Smart Device, device in school

Telpo thermometer measures the student's temperature rapidly and without touch.


In the condition of epidemic prevention normalcy, temperature detection is one measure to create a safe and healthy campus environment. Adopting automatic infrared thermal imaging technology, Telpo temperature access control terminal can make effective temperature detection in crowded public places include school gate, canteen, classroom, the further control of the health status of teachers and students.


High quality can be ensured with CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, Anatel, KC certification. In addition, the temperature access control terminal supports face/campus card/QR code identification methods, and the temperature, attendance data will be uploaded to the platform automatically. It will better reduce teachers' work burden and achieve smart management in the school.  


Smart Canteen  

Smart canteen device, Smart Device, School Smart canteen

Adopt the smart dish recognition cash register TPS657 in the smart canteen


In the traditional canteen, long queuing time, wrong price calculation, school card forgetting, and high operation cost can be seen from time to time. To solve this problem, Telpo created smart food recognition cash register TPS657 with multi-modal payment ways like face pay and QR pay. It not only in line with contactless payment requirements, ensures safety and health, but also improves food ordering efficiency and billing accuracy.


In addition, in virtue of relevant software and platform, the school can know students' dining and consumption information, further adjust dishes, optimize inventory management, and further create a healthy, safe and delicious smart canteen.


Smart Bus

School Smart Device Make School Management Easier


The safety of students taking cars is one of the top concerns issues for school and society. Telpo tickets validator TPS530 supports contactless readers, thus students can swipe campus cards to identify themselves. Information will be uploaded to the system platform synchronously for recording and processing. In virtue of the GPS positioning function, the school can know bus and student positions in real-time, which is conducive to guarantee students' safety.


It is not an easy thing to impart knowledge and educate people. Telpo hopes to use its high-tech power to alleviate and reduce teachers’ burden, improve work efficiency, make management easier, and further create a smart school. And on this special day, all teachers have happy a day.


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