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Anti-epidemic Health QR Code, Safe-conduct Pass

Jan. 28, 2021

Earlier in February 2020, China has introduced a health code as a digital anti-epidemic measure in response to ensure safe work resumption and orderly flow of personnel. Recently, China even proposed an international health code mutual recognition mechanism in the virtual G20 summit.


 Anti-epidemic Health QR Code, Safe-conduct Pass        


What Is Health Code?


In fact, the health code is personal health information and dynamic condition tracking system in response to COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. People need to fill in personal information such as ID numbers, mobile phone numbers and home addresses for generating his exclusive QR code, which will be treated as an electronic certificate or digital identity to access a certain area.

Anti-epidemic Health QR Code, Safe-conduct Pass


What Is The Advantage Of Health Code?


1. It can replace a paper certificate to prove personal identity and health status. Mobile phone information registration is conducive to replacing manual registration and avoiding cross-infection at the registration points.


2. Online prevention and control data collection facilitates the declaration and summary of epidemic information, greatly saves a lot of epidemic management work.


3. The exchange and mutual recognition of health code data facilitate personnel cross-regional travel and verification, further improves the efficiency of personnel travel and epidemic prevention detection.


4. Real-time data update enables prevention and control departments to take response measures in the first time if there is new confirmed cases appeared.


Anti-epidemic Health QR Code, Safe-conduct Pass

Safe Entry QR code Scanner

Whether the health code verification is feasible and whether there are problems:

In major public transportation hubs, passengers will be required to show their health codes, and public transportation service personnel will check each person’s health code one by one. But in the case of screening, there will be some problems:

1. Manual inspection is not in place, and manual inspection will be missed

2. Passengers can easily get confused by displaying the QR code

3. Once a close contact of the patient appears among the passengers, it is not easy to find.

What Is Telpo Health Code Scanner?


Driven by the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo developed a health code scanner TPS508 for improving verification efficiency and promoting express passage.


People only need to display their exclusive health code in front of the health code scanner, and then they can receive the verification result through display content, voice broadcast and indicator light within seconds. Like traffic lights, the green code is an indication of safety, the yellow code means requiring recheck health status, and the red code would activate the alarm mechanism. And the verification results can be printed for more purposes.

 Health verification code,Telpo Safe Entry QR Code Scanner

Health code verification

Importantly, all verification results will be uploaded to the health code online platform, which is conducive to effectively collect and record mobile personnel dynamic condition and anti-pandemic information. It can be widely used in the community, service hall, supermarket, station, airport, hotel, etc.


The pandemic is still wreaking havoc across the world, but our life and work should be ongoing. Anti-epidemic health code can be seen as a safe-conduct pass to ensure orderly work or study resumption and manage the personnel of flow. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.


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