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How Could Catering Industry Use Smart Device To Increase Store Repurchase Rate?

Jul. 28, 2020

The catering industry carried out smart and digital upgrades to maintain and attract customers these days. There is a restaurant used smart APP to achieve online booking, mobile phone ordering, QR pay, delivery, obtain member points, and other functions, which greatly maintain customer stickiness and cultivate brand loyalty.


How Could Catering Industry Use Smart Device To Increase Store Repurchase Rate?cid=96

However, it is extremely difficult for normal restaurants to develop a dedicated APP and make customers install and use it. Therefore, these restaurants often use small programs and install self-service ordering kiosks at stores. In virtue of self-service ordering kiosk, self-service ordering, dish recommendation, QR pay, face pay and so on functions can be realized.


In fact, Burger King with a keen market sense has already installed Telpo face payment self-service ordering kiosks TPS781 in its stores last year. This self-service ordering kiosk is unique in its big screen and face recognition function.

How Could Catering Industry Use Smart Device To Increase Store Repurchase Rate?cid=96

Combining with Alipay software—face pay, a complete catering solution is made. Customers can order their meal in 27 inch HD touchable industrial screen, which not only alleviates queuing time at the peak time but also reduces the ordering error rate. Customers can enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant dining experience.


It is worth mentioning that face payment self-service ordering kiosks can realize member registration. Customers can automatically register as members by paying with their faces, without filling in any other personal information. The 3D structured light camera enables face recognition accuracy up to 99.9%.


In order to further guarantee customer privacy, it breaks through liveness detection barriers which completely eradicate fraudulent photos or videos and other beguiling behavior. The double loudspeakers enable advertisement and the latest promotion can be showed at the idle dining time, which better enhances customer ordering interactive and interesting.


With a small programs, APP, smart cash register, self-service ordering kiosk, member marketing and other smart device, restaurants can improve resilience and flexibility and stand stable and even grow under epidemic.

How Could Catering Industry Use Smart Device To Increase Store Repurchase Rate?cid=96

If you want to learn more about smart devices about the catering industry under the epidemic, welcome to follow Telpo live show on Alibaba on July 31st.We will share everything about new retail and discuss how to use a smart devices or retail solutions to attract customers and increase the repurchase rates.


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