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Under New retail, How could the shopkeeper buy the right Smart cash register?

Aug. 22, 2018

There is around a lot of office workers who have a shop business plan after they get some deposits.


But open a new shop is not a simple thing, decoration, store type, location, supply, etc. have to be solved by their own one by one, let alone there are a variety of small details to consider. Take a cash register for purchasing, for office workers without entrepreneurial experience, the various indicators parameters put them in a quandary on the online purchase! 

Today, Telpo POS customize+ will provide with analysis for all prospective shopkeepers about how to choose and buy cash registers.


First, we need to analyze two concepts:

Traditional cash register: cannot do QR-code, NFC mobile payment, hardware and software need to do configuration, high failure rate, cannot do takeout. It cannot expand the capacity, so it takes time, energy and money.

Smart cash register: integrated mobile payment and takeout in one, and you can manage the inventory. Generally, in the Android system, the data is based on cloud technology development and data stored in the cloud server. It's easy to upgrade, and operate.


Therefore, how to choose store desktop smart cash register suitable for sale? Here are a few factors to consider:


1. Make collection: the main purpose to buy a cash register, of course, is to solve the problems of slow speed and easy to make mistake, so we need to choose a stable smart cash register machine. The Android system cash register equipment which gradually emerging in the market is the best choice for the young retailers, simple operation, easy to upgrade.


2. Mobile payment: In the year of mobile payment technology booming, the support QR-code payment, NFC payment is the prospective needs for sales, so be sure to choose intelligent cash register machine like TPS650 with mobile payment function. And select the dual-screen configuration, easy to display two-dimensional code, so it's easy to display two-dimensional code to the customer to scan.


3. Cash register software: in addition to selecting a better hardware configuration register, and also, don't forget the system software, choose cash register in brands such as tasty Free, veins and other well-known industry software. Because the hardware makers they cooperated with must be large and service is relatively better than others.

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