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How EDEKA Create A Surprise Christmas with Cash Register

Dec. 20, 2019

Christmas is coming. Many supermarkets are busy in elaborately preparing Christmas celebration activities to their shoppers. Besides normal discount and promotion activities, there were other shows that caught shoppers' eyes.

 How EDEKA Create A Surprise Christmas with Cash Register

The Surprise Christmas' Gifts of EDEKA

EDEKA, Germany's biggest supermarket once used flash-mobs to play Christmas carols through cash registers to provide a surprise and cozy Christmas gift to its shoppers.

It is reported that cashiers at an EDEKA supermarket in Germany played a classic Christmas carol “Jingle Bells” by virtue of their cash registers. When the light is dimmed, cashiers took advantage of the sounds of scanning commodity barcode at their cash registers to recreate the ‘Jingle Bells’, which deeply surprised and created a cozy Christmas atmosphere to the shoppers in the supermarket.

How EDEKA Create A Surprise Christmas with Cash Register

The cozy Christmas gift to its shoppers of EDEKA supermarket

In fact, the cash register has many extra functions at the artificial intelligence era, which allows them more easily to surprise shoppers in Christmas or daily life.

Smart Member Points Plan with Face Recognition

Shoppers will also be surprised if they can pay with their faces when they check out. Merchants can promptly promote online and offline member points preferential policies for customers, and at the same time, shoppers can more easily obtain and exchange their member points to redeem gifts offered by the supermarket, especially at Christmas. And Alipay is pushing this plan through face recognition cash registers. As a provider of smart terminals, Telpo's facial cash registers can automatically identify them and help them record membership points.

How EDEKA Create A Surprise Christmas with Cash Register

There is no doubt that creates a cozy shopping time for the busy person and their families is an unexpected surprise as they can receive every discount and promotional activity about the supermarket in time. The best Christmas gift is the time spent with family. And that's what Telpo advocates and Telpo face cash register can provide.

If you have no idea how to surprise your shoppers on Christmas day, Telpo face cash register could be a choice.

Merry Christmas!

How EDEKA Create A Surprise Christmas with Cash Register

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