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How Does Face Recognition Video Intercom Terminal Improve Community Residents’ Experience?

Nov. 04, 2020

Nowadays, combing with AI technology, video intercom systems, as the entrance to the smart community has to access to achieve identity verification, access control, security monitoring, human-computer interaction, and more functions. It is conducive to constantly improve the life quality, user experience, sense of security and management efficiency of community residents.

How Does Face Recognition Video Intercom Terminal Improve Community Residents’ Experience?cid=96

Then, how does face recognition video intercom terminal improve community residents' experience? We can make an analysis by comparing the traditional building intercom with the face recognition video intercom.


In the past, residents opened the door with their access card as it was the only method provided by a traditional building intercom system. 

However, this method could pose great inconveniences and security risks to community residents. If residents forget or lose their access card, then they fail to enter the community. What makes things worse is that it would cause greater security risks if a bad person pick up the lost access card and enter the community at will. 


But the video intercom product with face recognition function, take outdoor face recognition terminal Telpo F6 as an example. Community residents only need to make registration with their faces in advance, and swipe their faces in front of face recognition terminal then they can open the door successfully without buying access card. In this way, it not only save money for residents, but also solves the inconvenience and security risks caused by forgetting and losing access card.

How Does Face Recognition Video Intercom Terminal Improve Community Residents’ Experience?cid=96

Moreover, Telpo outdoor face recognition terminal has more advanced performance compared with the traditional building intercom products. Not only can it support video intercom between visitors and the host to verify identity, but also able to transfer the visiting data to the platform for visitor information management in virtue of stable communications (Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth).


Once identity fails or the machine is maliciously dismantled by someone, the alarm will be activated. It can effectively prevent bad people from entering the community and ensures life and property security of residents to an extent.

How Does Face Recognition Video Intercom Terminal Improve Community Residents’ Experience?cid=96

More importantly, F6 has an IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade, ensuring it can totally prevent dusts from entering and no harm with water washing. And the anti-glare and high-temperature resistance feature makes it suitable to be used in all kinds of outdoor scenes.


In conclusion, the face recognition video intercom terminal can effectively improve community residents’ experience, provide them more convenient, comfortable, and safe access method, and also promote the overall development of smart community.


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