How Facial Access Control System Ensure Your Private Golf Course Security?


Nearly every private or public golf course experiences thefts, trespassers, vandalism, and hooligans running around on their course even they shouldn’t be. How to ensure golf course security is the big question face in front of many golf course owners.

Facial Access Control System in Private Golf Course

Against the backdrop, Telpo launch an access control system with facial recognition technology to verify in and out person identity at the entrance of the golf course, in a bid to guarantee the security of private golf course. 


How does it work?


Any golf course member enters the entrance. The facial access control device will activate facial recognition function and scan their biometric data using the wide dynamic dual-camera (3D structured light camera optional). It then checks its face against the member’s database within seconds with up to 99.5% accuracy. If matched, that members details are displayed on screen and automatic open the gate and welcome you to enter.

Facial Access Control System in Private Golf Course



l  Accurate Face Recognition

The cutting-edge face recognition algorithm and liveness detection function enable private golf course members accurately recognized even at various light environments and prevent attacks against photo, video or false personation.


l  Multiple Verifications

Based on face recognition, NFC/HID reading, QR code scanning, or video intercom authentication are acceptable, so as to fit private golf course members’ different identity preferences, making the facial access control systems more diversified. 


l   Video Display

The facial access control terminal allows advertising exposure, video display, picture playback in the lower part of the screen while making identity identification in the upper part. That means you can customize whatever you like at the screen and enhance interaction with members.


l  All-in-one Facial Access Control Solution

A facial access control terminal, access control system and Telpo Face platform can be provided, as so to help you reduce development time and put into use as soon as possible. If you need, customized functions are also available.


l  Strong Expandability           

The IP65 waterproof degree, adjustable angle and various installation methods make people of different heights enjoy a flexible use experience.


Moreover, temperature screening, mask detection, alert email, health code & digital vaccine passport verification and so on anti-epidemic measures are available, which is conducive to enhance golf course members’ sense of trust and improve the image of the golf course.


As the biometric feature is unique, facial access control system will undoubtedly ensure the security of private golf courses and even make membership identification more vivid, interesting and healthy. If you want a multi-functional and fashionable facial access control terminal, it would be a good choice.


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