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How To Build Healthy Restaurant Rely On Face Thermometry Attendance Device

May. 11, 2020

As some countries have started to lift their lockdown measures, the catering industry gradually resumes business. In order to ensure scientific resumption, relevant departments urge catering industry operators to strictly obey guidelines and create a healthy restaurant. It is necessary to adopt a non-contact temperature device to carry out epidemic prevention and economic recovery.

How To Build Healthy Restaurant Rely On Face Thermometry Attendance Device

Because it can timely detect high body temperature and reduce staff workload of temperature measuring and cross-infection risk. Then, how to build a healthy restaurant that relies on a face thermometry attendance device? Telpo face thermometry attendance device can answer this question.


Strengthen staff health management is the first step to build a healthy restaurant. The kitchen staff and service staff should provide health declaration form, take temperature, and wear masks. Telpo face thermometry attendance device supports liveness detection and remote temperature detection, which can be used in the restaurant door + restaurant kitchen staff temperature measurement and attendance.

How To Build Healthy Restaurant Rely On Face Thermometry Attendance Device

Non-contact temperature detection+ face recognition can improve the efficiency of temperature detection and identity verification in health restaurants, avoiding gathering temperature detection and attendance to reduce transmission risk.

Strictly monitor customer healthy is the second step to create a healthy restaurant. Diners should be measured body temperature before entering the restaurant, and they fail to enter if body temperature exceeds 37.3℃. Telpo face thermometry attendance device uses infrared thermal imaging technology and ensures temperature accuracy within 0.3 degrees. The accurate temperature detection is a response to early detect high body temperature and provides a sense of security for dining customers. AI vision technology can effectively detect whether people wear masks and further improve the safety of epidemic prevention.

How To Build Healthy Restaurant Rely On Face Thermometry Attendance Device

TPS980T on the restaurant

Last but not least, real-time health screening is the third step to make a healthy restaurant. During the epidemic, how to attract customers is the most worrying problem for the catering industry. Representing restaurant current temperature conditions at outdoor can make customers acknowledge restaurant real-time health status through HD screen. Data as a safety guarantee can be used to attract customers. High-tech devices and AI technology can create a safe and healthy restaurant environment.

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