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How To Speed Up Intelligent Logistics With Industrial Tablet?

Oct. 05, 2020

Online shop is seeing a surge these days, with higher demand on quicker logistics efficiency. Hard as the logistics industry could be if it still adopts traditional manpower mode to sort and deal with packages one by one. Therefore, intelligent logistics based on high-tech methods emerge.

How To Speed Up Intelligent Logistics With Industrial Tablet?cid=96

For modern logistics enterprises, informatization, digitization, and automation is the key direction of developing intelligent logistics, which will not only improve efficiency but can reduce labor costs.


Data show that transportation costs account for half of logistics costs, while administrative and warehouse charges account for 48 percent. Besides adopt an electronic express sheet to improve delivery speed, the logistics industry also actively introduces various intelligent terminals for production management, warehouse management, and logistics management to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Take the industrial tablet as an example. In the manufacturing workshop, it can unify manage product labels through QR code, and realize production tracking and grasp inventory information, which is convenient to understand production chain, stocktaking, shipment, and logistics trend.


Same as Telpo industrial tablet S8, it can scan and identify all kinds of mainstream 1D/2D code and make precise data collection. The Octa-core high-performance CPU, Android 9.0 system have access to faster operating rate and efficient task processing, realizing fast code scanning identification, information transmission and interactive response. With IP67 protection grade, 1.2m anti-drop can be done and ensure the reliability of the equipment.

How To Speed Up Intelligent Logistics With Industrial Tablet?cid=96

In addition, NFC, OCR and passport MRZ, fingerprint identification, iris identification and other functions are supported, which are widely used in logistics and transportation, warehouse management, citizen registration, voter verification, election, border control, ID document issuance, eKYC, access control and time attendance and other industries.


By digitizing product information, and industrial tablet can track it dynamically and upload it to the cloud. In virtue of industrial terminal and data system to bridge logistics and transportation channel, realize real-time data transmission and data analysis, and even predict the peak of logistics and optimize the delivery route, we can build a more efficient intelligent logistics in the future.


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