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How Should Retailers Layout New Retail at the Post-pandemic?

Feb. 02, 2021

Affected by the stay-at-home policy and out of the fear of infection, e-commerce and online shopping become a new shopping trend. How could new retail stores retain old customers and attract more new customers under such competitive environment?

How Should Retailers Layout New Retail at the Post-pandemic?cid=96

Plan Ahead, Data Analysis


The online big data accumulated by every merchant can help them select the high-quality products that have already been tested by consumers, assisting them to make the first round filtrating for offline consumers in advance, which will also solve the problem of those customers who have selection difficulty.


Secondly, the new retail store can divide the characteristic area of the store according to the surrounding places and environment located at their business area, further introduce intelligent technology service such as self-service kiosk, face recognition payment device and so on to enhance user experience. In this way, the new retail stores can not only form a better interaction with the surrounding consumer groups, but also stimulate their consumption desire, creating a positive effect for new retail stores.


How Should Retailers Layout New Retail at the Post-pandemic?cid=96

Exploring New Models In An All-round Way

It is essential for new retailer to make a comprehensive research and construct a multifunctional system if they need to transform their sales model from online shopping to offline shopping. Nowadays, the single online market channel can no longer fully meet consumers’ requirements. Compared with the 24-48-hour service cycle of online stores, the 30-minute accessible cycle of offline stores will become consumers’ new favor. Under such backdrop, new retailers can pay their attention at service content and form and make a scene layout, eventually creating a new experience place for consumers.


Introduce Self-service kiosk, Increase Check-out Efficiency


Contactless and safety is the most concern issue for consumers nowadays, which can be perfectly guaranteed with the help of self-service kiosk.

New Retail at the Post-pandemic Self service KiOSK

Telpo K5 New Retail Kiosk

In virtue of 21.5-inch big screen, customers can clearly look hot sale products or promotion activities at the display of self-service kiosk Telpo K5. Simple and clear operation interface is convenient for customers to self-checkout according to the screen instructions, which will keep a reasonable social distance and reduce the risk of infection.


Most importantly, Telpo K5 can provide contactless payment methods such as QR pay, face pay, NFC swiping card for selection, which effectively reduce the spread of germs during cash transaction. After payment successfully, customers can immediately receive the receipt, improve checkout efficiency and optimize the shopping experience.


Based on intelligent technology as an entrance, it will connect businesses and consumers together. Businesses can accurately grasp consumers' shopping requirements and then conduct a precise marketing to them .Whereas, each consumer can enjoy their own special VIP service and make them have a consumption feeling like treating at home, thus further promote the intelligent consumption.


If e-commerce layout is the first part of retail development, then new retail may be the second part.No matter from the perspective of making a convenient consumption for consumers or promoting the whole industry to operate efficiently at the business system, the new retail with online and offline linkage as the core will become a new industry trend.Telpo will stick to improve its technology and contribute itself to the development of new retail stores.

 How Should Retailers Layout New Retail at the Post-pandemic?cid=96

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