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How To Achieve Accurate Temperature Checked?

Apr. 10, 2020

Maintaining a relatively constant body temperature is a necessary condition to maintain life activities. Abnormal body temperature can cause metabolic dysfunction and even endanger life. Under the circumstance of covid-19 spreading, checking temperature is a relatively objective indicator, which is conducive to timely find fever symptom, diagnose infection and make targeted treatments.

How To Achieve Accurate Temperature Checked?

At present, the infrared thermometer has attracted much attention due to its advantages of non-contact temperature checked and harmless to human body. However, temperature checked can be affected by temperature, environment and other effects. Thus, how to achieve accurate temperature checked?

An infrared thermometer is mainly used to check personnel forehead temperature. It is easily affected by factors such as blood circulation, heat conduction and surface heat condition. There is a certain amount of error when an infrared thermometer is used to measure forehead temperature, including personnel sweat after exercise, expose his forehead at the cold air for a long time, and stand outside in winter or individual differences.

How To Achieve Accurate Temperature Checked?

Forehead Temperature Measurement in Company TPS980T 

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) researchers said in a press conference that it is more accurate to check the surface temperature that covered by clothing, including the wrist and neck when people at outside or enter the room from outside. As clothing has heat preservation effect, it will less exposure to the outside environment than the forehead. And the wrist temperature is also relatively stable with a small range of temperature changes.

In addition, to adopting wrist temperature checked method, Telpo surface thermometer also uses blackbody calibration for temperature measurement and control temperature error within ±0.3 in order to reduce the impact environment on temperature measurement accuracy. Furthermore, Telpo surface thermometer takes international leading temperature detection chip such as Heimann and Melexis, millisecond response speed is effective to improve detection speed and traffic efficiency, and reduce personnel contact.

According to specific circumstances, people can proper choice to measure a different body part surface temperatures, which will more objectively truly understand their body temperature.

What is the appropriate ambient temperature for the temperature measurement product?

The temperature measurement accuracy of temperature measurement products will be affected by the ambient temperature. Generally, it is recommended to use it at an ambient temperature of about 25-40 degrees, that is, it is recommended to use it in a constant temperature room. But as winter approaches, the drop in ambient temperature will greatly affect the work of body temperature measurement. As an intelligent hardware and solution provider, Telpo will combine in-depth algorithms to provide more accurate body temperature detection equipment and provide a stable and convenient body temperature experience for everyone.

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Company Introduction

Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution.

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